Wednesday, July 28, 2010

People Watching

I love to people watch.  I love to ride by houses and look at yards whether they are immaculately kept or uhhh junky.  I'm fascinated by people and where/how they live.  I drive David crazy when we are out in public and he catches me staring.  I don't mean to be noisy, I'm seriously interested in people.  I just want to know why, what, when, where...etc.  Just because I'm fascinated.  I love getting to know you.  Where are you from?  Who's your folks?  Are you kin to so and so?
Soooo when I saw this older gentleman in the parking lot of McDonald's the other day and I nearly rear-ended the guy in front of me and I stared and did a 180 in my seat and I really wanted to stop the car and take his picture, I absolutely was not being snarky.
You see he had the most amazing hair.  I first thought gosh look at that old dude with the Mohawk. The hair on the top of his head was curly and reddish, but when I looked closer he had hair over his ears but it was gray and slicked back...and I though ohhh cool, he has an ole fashioned duck tale.  But no!! It was slicked back and then combed up with the rest of the lower part of his hair on the back of his head.  And that was what made him have hair on the top.......yep a comb up. 
And I swear I wasn't being snarky.  It was just amazing. How in the world did he get it to stay up there like that?  I sooo wanted a picture.  And if I could have gotten away with it, I would have taken one.  To post here.  Would that be wrong?
I googled comb up, but couldn't find anything,  But I did find this when I googled comb over...and this is the closest thing that I could find.

Now I'm starting to think that maybe the heat down here has made me a little crazy.........'cause this is what has been "Rattling Around In My Head."


Debra said...

Oh my! That is just a lovely hair do!!! :)

Vintage Christine said...

The heat and humidity done fried out our brains Angel!!! Ain't nothing like a Mississippi summer!

DollZandThingZ said...

There is a guy around here with a similar comb-over. He dyes his hair red! He swirls and then plops it on top. Every so often we see him in a grocery store and his looks hadn't changed in a decade!

You are too funny!!

And I agree..the heat is making us all a little weird!