Thursday, August 26, 2010

Let's See...

Do I have anything interesting to tell you?
Just had my book club buddies over, we read "The Glass Castle."  If you enjoy autobiographies like I do, I recommend it.  It was a very interesting read.
Right now I'm reading "Of Human Bondage" by Somerset Maugham.  It was a free download to my Sony eBook.
I made it through another major Head Cutting Meeting Department Head Meeting. And good news---David and I still have jobs.  I had a major proposal to present and although the DHs didn't vote it through, it was quite a success as I received a round of applause and many compliments on it.  The boss was as complimentary as he is able to be to me and said that he felt that it was something that we could incorporate in the future.  I knew it was visionary.....but hey, I'm happy.
David and I are planning a brief getaway to Navarre beach.  We really need it.  I found a condo that will let me bring the furbaby girls and they are excited...well no, I really haven't told them yet.  I plan on doing nothing but propping up on the beach, listening  to/looking at the waves and reading as many books as I possibly can.
6 of the wild monkeys live here and 3 have started school here for the first time, One first grader (how can #4 be 6 years old?--only yesterday I was taking her picture in the dough bowl--I'll save that story for some other time) #s 2 and 3 are in the second and fourth grades respectively.  They moved here during this past summer. They all look so cute in their school uniforms!!  #s 6 and 7 are in day care for the first time. #5 is in kindergarten. Gosh they are all growing up so fast.  #7 is starting to talk and string sentences together.  I just love it when he says Nonna.
I actually felt a teeny tiny bit of Fall in the air this morning....and when I walked outside when I got off work, it was a balmy 90 degrees with the wind blowing and no humidity.  Heaven.
I am already dreaming of snow......I'm starting my snow conjuring early this year.  I have a plan...I'll let you know when I figure it all out...


DollZandThingZ said...

It is 55 here this morning and going to 77 today. Never mind that the heat wave comes back on Sunday...I will take this fabulous day.

Do you like reading on your e-Book? DH gave me an iPad for my birthday but I haven't downloaded any books yet.


Glad you both still have your jobs!

Happy weekend!

knitmachinequeen (KMQ) said...

I'm reading the Glass Castle now for the second time! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!

Oklahoma Granny said...

I'm so loving the cooler weather here. So glad you're experiencing it too.

Affi'enia said...

Glad you both still have jobs. Always a plus!

I've found the first conkers this week so I'm all set for Autumn. Now if only the temperature would drop a bit. Hoping for lots of snow too. Just hope it stays for my birthday this time!

Debra said...

Love the photo of winter. Makes me a little chilly to look at though.

That looks like a good book to read. I like autobiographies too!

Vintage Christine said...

When are you going to Navarre? It's not that far from Perdido Key, ya know! We probably won't get any snow this far south but as long as it gets appreciably cooler that's ok with me. Today it's hot and humid AND rainy--I'm in Mississippi but the Weather Channel says it's raining over in Florida, as well. Always glad to hear when people are keeping their jobs instead of losing them, so yay!!!

Dip-Dip and The Bridge said...

We want our hot weather back - all 6 days of it, lol!

Joann Mannix said...

My in laws live in Navarre Beach. It is just one of the prettiest beaches in the world. They were hit really hard a few years back during the summer of hurricanes, but they rebounded. I am a bit worried about what the oil spill will do to those topaz blue waters.

And The Glass Castle is an amazing book. Such a page turner. The thing I found most incredible about it, was the author's ability to write so clearly, yet so objectively without any bitterness, about this horrifying and dysfunctional childhood of hers. Really powerful book.