Saturday, November 6, 2010

Meet The Newest Members Of Our Family

David and I had been thinking about a new puppy for awhile now.
We contacted CiCi and GinGin's breeder Loretta and long story short we went to Birmingham and picked up a brother and sister.
That is Fontana Eastwood McCaulla on the left and Ann-Margaret McCaulla on the right-asleep in my arms.
I love this shot of the back of their heads.....Fontana's ears are big....I'm sure that he will grow to them.
Avery holding Ann-Margaret on the way home.
I love this picture of Avery giving them kisses.  Avery, Loretta and I understand that they are more than just puppies...they are real.
CiCi and GinGin have adapted pretty well to having a little competition for attention.  We make sure that all are given attention and love.  Our friends think we are  crazy because we now have 4 dogs in the house.  But we have 4 times the love and puppy snuggles.
Oh and D. J.Fontana was Elvis' drummer and of course Ann-Margaret was a girl friend and long time friend of Elvis.  They too will have nicknames....BayBro for Baby Brother and Maggie for Ann-Margaret.


Plain-n-Simple! said...

So sweet, we call the big ears around here "radar'. All babies are so sweet!!!!!!!

DollZandThingZ said...

Chihuahua love! They are wonderful and all the photos are great! Best of luck to all of you! I once knew a lady who had six and they all got along great!

Oklahoma Granny said...

I'm so glad you got not one, but two sweet babies. We have 3 Yorkies in the house and 1 lab mix outside. I've thought about a 4th Yorkie but I don't think our oldest one or the youngest one would be very welcoming to any more. Our middle Yorkie is the peacemaker and tries to be friends with everyone.


Just LOVE your new additions :) Can one every have too many dogs??!
Hugs and puppy kisses to them all!
deb :)