Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mr Bluebird

Isn't Mr. Bluebird handsome?
He lives on this tree in my driveway.
If I wasn't so ashamed of the flower bed around this tree, I would have included it in the picture. 
But I promise Mr. Bluebird, I'll clean it out and make it pretty this weekend.


Dip-Dip and the Bridge said...

Mr Bluebird is very colourful in your driveway.
Yikes, tell me about it - our garden looks like a bombsite at the moment!
Lynne x

Vintage Christine said...

Hi Angel! Good to see we're back, ha ha! I've been able to keep up with you and the Fur Babies and the Wild Monkeys on Facebook but there's nothing like blogging, is there? I don't have to worry about showing or not showing flowerbeds because I don't HAVE any--I'm an inadvertent plantkiller