Sunday, November 30, 2008

PTL I found 'em

I am so very happy. Why? Well the main reason is that I found my glasses. $243.00 worth of glasses. Reading glasses at that, with a Sarah Palin vibe. I had an eye check-up and bought glasses with the hope that I would keep them on all the time, therefore they would pay for themselves, since in the last few years I have probably lost/broken a good hundred pair. My favorites were the ones that I bought at the dollar tree for of course a dollar each.
My co-workers bet that I wouldn't have these a month, but I have beat that, it's just that I had put them behind a book on my night stand and haven't been able to find them for about a week now. I was hoping that they would magically reappear. I was just about to blog about them and ask if anyone was clairvoyant.....even though I don't believe in that stuff I was getting desperate....and PTL I found them.

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