Thursday, April 2, 2009

Testosterone Festival

It has been a regular testosterone festival around here this past week. My son, David II has been here this week and he and his daddy, David I, have been hunting and fishing or preparing to hunt and fish or talking about hunting and fishing or cooking the gains of hunting and fishing.

As of today, D II is under Federal orders and will be returning to Iraq sometime in May. So since this was D I’s week off (he will have to work the weekend) and D II had the week off, it was a good time for them to be together and do what they enjoy most.

Now I don’t understand the hunting and fishing…..well I understand the fishing—sort of…but not to the extent that they love to fish…but I do understand them wanting to be together and enjoy their time together before he goes to Iraq.

They were up at four thirty, home at noon for lunch and a nap and then back in the woods for the afternoon until dark.

Tuesday night they cooked the wild turkey that David killed. They fried some of it and D II cooked some of it in the oven with fresh mushrooms and onions and goodness knows what else. I ate one bite of the fried turkey and then ate a hot dog. I got a lot of grief for that, but I just don’t like any kind of any kind of wild game.

And you should have seen the kitchen when they got through, flour and grease…….what a mess, but D II cleaned it up. D I is not very good at cleaning up after himself and usually his wife Amanda is left to clean up the aftermath of his cooking. He imagines himself an Emeril Lagasse.

Anyway, this is a picture of David earlier while he was turkey hunting in the rain.

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