Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I promise I'm not nutty. But I have always loved cemeteries....the lush green grass, the epitaphs, the peaceful calm, the angel statues, the memories.......and I love picnics.....any time I eat anything outside--it's a picnic. Sooooo, that said, #4 Gchild (5 years old) and I ate our McDonald's lunch Saturday in the cemetery. It didn't seem weird to me and it didn't seem weird to her. And she didn't ask me too many questions, she did remind me that we did not have a blanket to spread on the ground. I told her not to worry--we ate in the car with the windows down and the sun roof open.
It was the first time that she had noticed Magnolias and when she saw this tree she said, "Nonna look at the pretty flowers!" "Yes #4 that is a Magnolia and see how big it is, that means it is very very old.
I love being a cool Nonna.


Event Planning San Francisco said...

This is a strange idea for a picnic spot, if its works for you then it is great!

Kate Spike & Her Kats said...

Just another reason I like you--whenever I visit a small town, I search out the cemetary to see what interesting old gravestones are there. Civil war cemetaries are wonderful, too. You don't have to be a ghoul to appreciate a good cemetary!

a painter said...

There is a very old cemetary on our street....I think I once put a photo in my Yahoo blog. I walk through it all the time. It dates from the 1600's. I never tried a snack there, though, but I have sipped coffee when passing through. It has the grave of Moses Beach in it and has been much celebrated. It is peaceful and pretty there....I have been to dozens in New England since childhood...amazing to see graves from the 1600's and Revolutionary War veteran graves.


There are frequently people taking grave rubbings in it--which is a very nice art form for colonial homes here.

Gee, am I a cool Nonna, too? Actually, they call me Nan, so maybe I am a cool Nan!

Decadent Housewife said...

Picnic in cemeteries all the time, always have and not even goth.

Camellia said...

My husband and I are the only people I know who said, "It's a pretty day. Let's grab the kids and go have a picnic in the cemetary. Sometimes we would have to grab other people's kids. You betcha'.