Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Planets

The planets did not line up for me today.
1.   Woke up just not feeling well, still very tired from the week.
2.   While texting my husband, the security system alarm went off...and I got a text that said I.C.U.  Which
       freaked me out...but it was David and I still don't know what he meant...but it was just too coincidental.
3.   Anyway, all the phone lines in the general area were down and made the alarm system go off.
4.   I didn't know that the all the phone lines were down until my neighbor when I called the phone
      company they assured me that my phone would be fixed by Monday evening on the 19th. Hmm.
5.   During all the conversation with the phone company and the security system company. I burned the toast
      and dropped and broke a new jar of home made blueberry jelly.
6.   Nothing was on TV worth watching.
7.   Nothing here good to eat.
8.   Don't feel like going out to get anything.
9.   I needed to run errands--didn't feel like going out for that either.
10.  One of dogs threw up on the sheets.
11.  One of the dogs threw up on the couch.
12.  It's 67 degrees in the house, and I don't think I have enough butane in the tank to run the heat.
13.  I know I know, my New England and Canadian friends, 67 is nothing....but I did run it for a few minutes
       just to "knock the chill off."
14.  Just realized that there is no spell check on here...where did it go?
15.  Feeling better after nap..going to go eat a hot dog.
16.  Could be much worse, I could have been impaled with a tree branch like this guy on "Trauma In The
17.  More later.


Annette said...

I hate these kind of days. Just makes you want to get back in bed and start over. Hope you feel better soon.

DUTA said...

Now and then we all have these days. A good nap can indeed make wonders.

Have a terrific day!

Keetha said...

My goodness. It does sound like the planets weren't quite aligning for you.

Hope all is better now.

I had a very positive experience at the ER the other night. Nice folks.

Joyce's Journey said...

I'm sorry you had a bad day but you have a great sense of humor so that should've helped!! I have to use this one - the planets didn't line up for me! That is great! I've never heard that one. Very good!!