Monday, February 8, 2010

Weekend Fun

I thought I would post some pictures from our weekend in Memphis. But I can't figure how to upload the pictures from my phone to Blogger. Hmmm. But I guess you may not about what I ate for breakfast at The Blue Plate. And you have probably seen pictures from the musical "Jersey Boys." And you can go to Debbie Richman's website yourself to see her wonderful pet portraits, and you can go to "The Edge of Darkness" website and read about the plot. I don't particularily care for Mel Gibson, but he sure can make some good movies-this one was twisty-turny just like I like.
I can't say enough good things about Jersey Boys...I was so happy...that harmony...I can mark it off my bucket I just want see Frankie Valli in concert.


a painter said...

Have missed you! Sounds like a fun trip! I would love to see Jersey Boys..and Frankie Valli, too. A few years ago I saw Johnny Maestro twice! (Sixteen Candles and later with the Brooklyn Bridge.) Love the doo-wop sound. harmonies, etc.

I think you can e-mail your photos to yourself and then download them on your computer.

What did you eat at the Blue Plate?

Vintage Christine said...

Yes, email your pictures to yourself from the phone--that's what I do when I forget my camera and need to photograph something (like Poonie when he was all drugged up at the vet). Sounds like you had a wonderful time!!!

Decadent Housewife said...

Oh yes we do.
We want to know what you ate at Blue Plate.