Thursday, April 15, 2010


Back in my wild best friend Donna, who was a party animal, taught me some stuff.  She was a petite blond and she never wore any type of shoes  but 6 inch heels.  Platforms, spikes.. always 6 inches...and now that I that I think about it, kinda like Dolly Parton.  The heels not the other parts. 
She was a guy magnet. They fell at her feet.  She was sort of mysterious too,  she always kept the guys guessing.  Besides being a petite curvy blond the other thing that made them fall at her feet was her cologne.  They never failed to tell her they loved her cologne...and she never ever told anybody (except me) what it was.  Everybody thought it was some expensive exotic perfume that matched her mysterious exotic personality.
You guessed it, it was Tabu.  I saw the sample sizes in Wal Mart the other day and bought 2 of them for around six dollars. I mixed it with baby oil for a nice after bath moisturizer.  I sprayed a couple of spritzes on a container of baby powder...and I have to admit, it's pretty potent stuff.....a little bit goes a long way...and you can just guess what I mean.....sigh.........


Annette said...

I wore it in college. Aunt Carolyn was the first person i knew to wear it.

a painter said...

I wore it, too, although I also wore "Ambush." They were rivals back in the day. They were actually considered pricey at the time. I remember using babysitting earnings to buy it in a department store.

You are right--Tabu is pungent and so is Ambush.

Brings back memories!

Kudzu said...

wow, they still make it! i don't get out much*sigh* lol