Saturday, May 15, 2010

It All Started........

when I decided to give the dogs a bath.

CiCi needed it the worst.
When I got home she and GinGin were on the bed and as always, excited to see me.
They were jumping up and down and I gave them the loving they wanted.
I decided to do a little experiment to see of CiCi could really read my mind.
I looked at CiCi and thought about how much I loved her.  She looked back at me smiled. (yes she can smile at me).  Then I looked at her and thought about how I was going to give her a bath.  She immediately ran under the bed.  See she really can read my mind.
I eventually captured her and gave her a bath in the kitchen sink as usual.
In the mean time David was back from an errand and began to make a chocolate "explosion cake" and some crazy creation of a pie that he made with vanilla pudding and cranberry sauce. Yuck.
So GinGin missed her bath.
When I got up yesterday morning the kitchen is what looked like an explosion.  But he won second and third place at the hospital picnic with his deserts.  And he recouped the money he spent on the ingredients because he won 2 books of meal tickets.
After we got home from work, we found out company was on the way and we began a quick clean up of the house.  He began to clean up the kitchen.......and he is nutty about the dishwasher.  He washes the dishes before he puts them in the seems the dishwasher is for sanitation only....crazy.  The conversation follows.
Me:  Where did you get that cloth you are washing the dishes with?
Him:  I don't know it was in the sink.
Me:  That's the one I bathed CiCi with last night.
Him:  You're kidding.
Me:  Uh no.....deep sigh....


DollZandThingZ said...

Too funny!

I cannot believe that you found cartoons that are so perfect with your post!

That is VERY cool that David won.

Grayquill said...

I heard a fella tell me once his room mates would not clean the bathroom. So one day he started cleaning the bathroom using the dish brush. He cleaned the tub then the toilet. When he was finished he threw the brush back in the sink. I am not sure how that motivated his room mates but I guess it punished all - even him.
That yucked me out.
BTW - dogs should be shampooed outside with the garden hose.

AngelMc said...

DollZandThingZ: It is a gift. And I asked him for one of the meal ticket books and he said no.

Grayquill: I had a friend at work once who would not eat anything I brought to work because she knew I bathed the dogs in the kitchen sink. I fooled her once, but that is another story. And they are too little to bath outside...the water would be too cool also.

Affi'enia said...

I can just see your faces as you looked at the cloth :o) It's the kind of thing that would happen in my house