Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mexican Stand Off Part Tres

He has ratcheted it up another notch and I'm not sure that I'm going to make it.
In some ways it is getting easier, some ways much harder. He keeps surprising me. #4 grandchild spent the night Friday night and this Capri sun was left on the kitchen table. Weeelllll, Saturday morning what do you think was in the sink with the Mikidee cup and the door knocker? That's right, the Capri Sun juice bag....and it only has a little bit of the juice in the it could easily have gone in the garbage.
He's good. Very very good. Better than good--brilliant.
But I won't budge. I have cleaned the kitchen several times this weekend, wiped out the sink and put the stuff right back in there.
He is messing with my head......isn't he?
But I will leave it there till pigs fly. Or September the 12, when I'm hosting a bridal luncheon...or I could just move the stuff under the sink that day and then put it back after the luncheon....I've got to think ahead and stay on my toes if I'm going to win this stand off.
Oh and CiCi and GinGin did just fine after their surgery. It only slowed them down for about a day.
If anybody has any suggestions, I'm open.


Annette said...

You could put it in his tractor seat. LOL

AngelMc said...

oohhhh i never thought of that...that is a great idea...'cause he loves him some tractor.....

a painter said...

Too funny!

Kate Spike and Her KatS said...

I discussed this stand-off with my hubby and his take was that YOUR hubby doesn't even see the stuff any longer -- he has MOVED ON. Or he could just be messing with your head. Who will win the Mexican Standoff?????? Glad to hear the girls are fine!