Thursday, August 13, 2009

Puppy Love

The Deathscan, I mean Lexiscan did not kill me and the cardiac nuclear scan of my heart was okay. I'm feeling better.

As for the Mexican Standoff, the cup and the door knocker are still in the sink....I've lost count of the days.

I continue to clean up the kitchen and leave them right there...but I may go to another tactic (if I can stand it) I may leave the kitchen dirty, with the sink full of dishes until TLOML decides to clean it up....there's no fungus in the cup yet--I check every day.

On another note, Ginger is going out of heat as Priscilla is coming in. The dog next door is in torment. His name is Levi. Even when CiCi and GinGin are not in heat they go over there and tease him. He has one of those collars that keeps him in his yard...except the electric fence/collar has nothing on the power of love. The both of them being in heat, makes him quite brave. If the girls go out in the yard he is over here pronto--shock or no shock.
I wonder if TLOML would take a shock for me?
Sometimes he comes to the French doors, scratches on the door and says Ms. Angel, can CiCi and GinGin come over to my house for a little while? Please? Please? I've got that new DVD that's out-- Beverly Hill's Chihuahua, and I know they would just love it....ah puppy love.
It will all be over tomorrow--'cause tomorrow they are going to the Vet to be spayed.
I'll be off the weekend and will be able to wait on them hand and paw.


a painter said...

Glad you are okay!

That is amazing about the Mexican standoff!

Sometimes they cannot spay dogs when they are already in heat and/or they charge more for it.

My friend has just gone through a terrible time with her Boston who went into heat early and could not be operated on.

Hope the girls do well with their surgery. Hank gets his teeth cleaned next week and that always stresses me out.

Kate Spike and Her KatS said...

Holly and Boogie want to assure your girls that life is MUCH MUCH better after you don't have to worry about stuff like crying puppies and boy dogs who won't leave you alone, etc. BooBoo hopes the surgery goes well. I didn't ask Poonie to comment since he's in a really bad mood today (has already hissed at me twice). Keep us updated on the Mexican standoff--I LOVE it!

Keetha said...

Glad that all went okay, although it didn't sound like fun!

I'd leave that cup and door knocker in the sink for years if I had to. I can be stubborn!