Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Time Saver Tip

For years I pretended I was Martha Stewart/Donna Reed.
I folded David's underwear, sorted and paired his socks, separated everything and placed it neatly in the chest of drawers. 
The way I folded the T shirts was thing of beauty.  I was able to get dozens of them lined up just so in the drawer. 
The socks were also lined up just so, sorted by color and type. 
The briefs were folded just so...I wish I had a before picture to show you.
And even when David would dig through them and unfold/mess up everything, I would sigh deeply and  straighten it all back out again.  I was so proud of my Donna Reedness.
And then one day I had a moment of perfect understanding.  This was a waste of time.  This did not fill up David's love tank.  He did not care whether the underwear was Donna Reed neat!!  He only cared that it was clean and in the drawer.  I was doing it for me.  Not for him.  I could save an untold amount of time by just dumping it all in the drawer. 

Today I did separate the T shirts, briefs and socks.  But other than that I just threw them in the drawers!! And guess what?  It only took me a few minutes.
And guess what?  I did not have chest pain or apoplexy.

And since I did not have apoplexy I did the same thing with my underwear!!! (But you don't get to see a picture of mine--sorry...)


DollZandThingZ said...

You have had a breakthrough! (I think.) Do you think this breakthrough will last or will you revert to you Martha ways? Don't tell anybody but I fold and sort DH's stuff..but not my own!

Dip-Dip and the Bridge said...

Yep, that looks a lot like my hubby's drawer, the I couldn't give a rats a*** mark of the truly shambolic housewife, lol and no, they don't notice anything other than sport, beer and themselves, harrumph.

Mid-Craft Crisis said...

You are a woman after my own heart! I try to do the pretty folding and put it away all nice - but quite frankly the sheer volume of laundry that goes through the machine at our place - it's a little disheartening to try keeping up with it. :-)

Bee's Blog said...

Gosh I stopped doing that years ago when I realized I was bordering on OCD and the only person who cared was me!! So I also stopped ironing tea towels, sheets, towels and underwear at the same time!!