Monday, January 10, 2011

For Those Of You In Colder Regions....

please forgive us down here in Mississippi, we get all giddy-headed over a little snow and sleet,
Some of us got (reportedly) 8 inches and here where I live in Middle MS, we got about 2.  Schools closed, doctors' offices closed, pharmacies closed, government businesses closed, stores closed, it was kinda surreal as barely any traffic was moving this morning when I went to work.
There were (reportedly) 30 traffic accidents Sunday night.
Wal Mart, and every other store was out of bread, milk and eggs.
David was in hunting paradise.
Thanks to a friend of mine who grew up in Michigan I can drive (sorta) on ice and snow.  I remember the first year she moved down here in '76 how she hooted at and then stared in disbelief at all of us driving like idiots.
She drove this:

Well this isn't the actual Monte Carlo but it was very similar.  And honestly people would gawk when they saw us cruising by in the snow and ice.  She always drove with the sun roof open and that winter of  76 she almost killed me.....I stayed sick with a cold.  She never had chains on her tires but she could put that sucker in the wind/sleet/snow anywhere she wanted to go.
She taught me how to stop, how to turn my wheels and how to steer......
Anyway I am so enjoying the snow.
And I will leave you with this from Sunday night:

Avery:  "Nonna, when it snows is God happy?"
Me: "Yes."


DollZandThingZ said...

We are getting another foot tomorrow...we already have about a foot and half on the ground!

Affi'enia said...

Yay I'm so pleased you got some snow. I know how much you love it. I'm holiding out for some here on Sunday. All I want for my birthday is enough snow to make a snowman. If we don't get any (it's not looking promising) Will you make one in my stead?

DUTA said...

Snow makes for a good topic in winter. People talk and write a lot about snow. I can only read abot snow, not witnessing it. Where I live snow is a rare phenomenon. Pity, as it has its beauty.

mississippi artist said...

We only got ice and lots of it here in our part of Central Mississippi-I would rather have had snow.Stay warm.

Bee's Blog said...

When I see picture postcards of pure, white snow I am envious. The when I get cold because the air conditioning is too cold I remember all too well why I don't like the cold!!

I hope you don't mind but I have given you a 'stylish blogger award' which you can pick up on my page if you'd like to!

red.neck chic said...

I am green with envy... it snowed here on Sunday - it was gone 10 minutes after it quit. LOL

I LOVE the "is God happy"!!!

;-D have fun!

Grayquill said...

I am happy for you. I suppose we get snow a bit more often than you folks in MS but probably not much. It is pretty much the same senerio here - where everything closes.