Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ah beautiful beautiful Sunday...remember that song? The sun is sparkling on the lake, and the temperature is 59 degrees. I'm in my favorite spot, propped up in the bed, watching TV, and blogging. David is in the other bedroom taking a nap before he goes back hunting. David Jr. and Amanda are on their way to spend the night. Barbecue chicken is in the crock pot. Life is good.
If any of you are tired of hearing about Avery, please forgive me, but their are people at work who ask me about the latest Averyisms.
So here is the latest.

Her Mama grew up in beauty pageants and has innumerable crowns and trophies. So needless to say Avery was in the Fairest of the Fair pageant last night. She didn't win, but she did get a trophy for best interview. Gosh,I would loved to have been a fly on the wall and hear what she said to those judges. She looked so precious and she did really good when she came out on stage. I was holding my breath, 'cause there is never any telling what she is going to do. Anyway, I had let my breath out, when the judges called all of her age group back out and they all stood in a line. All of a sudden, she took her glasses off. David and I were sitting down front David said, "Avery put your glasses back on." And she said, "Nooo, I want them to see my pretty brown eyes." She then turned and handed her glasses to one of the girls on the stage. Bless her sweet heart. I doubt she will ever be without her glasses, unless in a few more years the technology exists to help her since her left eye crosses. Pictures above.

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