Friday, January 23, 2009

I love Friday. Friday after work, I come home and go straight to the couch or prop up in the bed, blog, watch TV. I don't cook, clean or do anything. Sometimes we go out to eat. Sometimes we eat a sandwich. But I mostly vegetate.
David works tomorrow, so I have the house to myself the weekend....except that David Jr. and a friend are coming to spend the weekend and duck hunt. No not duck hunt on our lake, but at Grenada lake, which is the biggest lake in MS. But I don't expect them to be in my hair, because duck hunters are on the lake at 4AM.
I have no special plans for the weekend. I really need to work on the taxes.....I must work on the taxes......I must work on the taxes......I must work on the taxes.
I'm watching Martha Stewart and Sigourney Weaver make couscous. Hmmm.
I'm planning on making a donut pudding that I found today in Best of the Best Bell's cookbook. It sounds like an old fashioned butter roll--only made with donuts. I'll let you know how it turns out. I also found a recipe for a scalloped salmon casserole---I love salmon croquettes---and this sounds like something similar. So can you see the difference between a good old Mississippi cook and a Martha cook?
I just realized that I have lost the eye pieces on my glasses again. I dropped them a minute ago......but I don't think that did it....I think the dogs ate them again.
We finally have renters for two of our houses that have been empty for several months....thank goodness. 1 empty rental house is bad, 2 empty rental houses is a crisis.
Did I mention that I got a Sony ebook for Christmas? I love it! I'm reading the Sugar Queen on it now. When I pull it out in public and start reading, I don't feel like a nerd with a book.......I feel like a nerd with a high tech book.

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