Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I Made Money At The Auction

Now here's a first. I went to an auction Saturday. (It is always sooo much fun, my BFF Judy and I have as much fun people watching as we do bidding.)
But anyway, I had seen these glasses on the auction web site, and when they came up for bid...I got 'em for $2.50. And to quote the auctioneer, a set of four with an extra one to break. Yep a set of 5. However, they were quite pretty--etched and with a thick gold trim around the top.
A little while later, this guy sitting behind me, said, "them sure are some purty glasses." And I said, "thank you, I think so too."
Him: How much do you want for them?
Me: Well, I paid $2.50.
Him: Will you take $5.00?
Me: Sure. But why do you want them? (getting worried that he might be a dealer and they might be worth more...)
Him: 'Cause I think they are purty.
Me: It's a deal.
Now that's a first, I made money at an auction!!
I'll post pictures of the rest of my treasures later this week.


Camellia said...

They are purty. We used to auction. I think I bid against myself, so I let my husband do the bidding. Glad you prospered.

DUTA said...

It looks like a good start. You're going to make a fortune.
Have success and lots of fun!

Decadent Housewife said...

Those Are pretty. How could you part with them?

Kate Spike and Her KatS said...

Was this the auction at the Columbus fairgrounds???? There's an auction in Starkville on 9/19--are you going to that one? I almost went to Columbus but since it was Labor Day weekend decided not to make such a long drive. Wish I had gone--TONS of costume jewelry and I'll bet it went cheap.

a painter said...


Some gold rimmed glasses are really collectible....look at what they go for on eBay!

Keetha said...

You must have a good eye for purty things.

white o'morn cottage said...

You doubled your money...good for you!

Annette said...

Those are "purty". I wished we lived closer...we might be in the road junkin' all our free time.