Thursday, September 3, 2009

Jobs For The Puppies

My new blogger friend Carmellia at Free Falling sent me the above picture and email link. She and I must have some kind of psychic link, because I had just prized myself up from the floor after looking under the bed for my laptop air card (don't ask), I told the puppy girls, yawl really could help out around here. Yawl could have some jobs around here to help Mommy out. Then I opened up my email and she had sent me the above link, which really got me to thinking.... These are the things that they could do.
Keep up with where I put my glasses.
Keep up with the remotes for the TV/Ceiling fan/DVR.
Keep up with where I put my name badge/car keys/cellphone--so I wouldn't be running around in the morning trying to find them.
Pick up their daddy's socks/underwear when he leaves them in the bathroom floor. I don't expect them to put them in the laundry basket, but they could drag them next to it.
Since they immediately check out anything that hits the floor, they could put any colors that the grands leave on the floor over in the basket with the other colors/coloring books.
They already bark like crazy when someone comes to the door, so maybe they could use different barks for different people, David--1bark, the grands--2 barks, stranger--bark like crazy...which is what they do with everybody.
Clean out from under the bed--right now there is a rubber fishing worm, a LED light, a hair clip, 2 fabric softener sheets and of course a chew chew all under there.
I certainly don't expect them to do my grocery shopping like the dogs in the picture...
I wouldn't trade all the love that they give me for anything, it is more than enough for me.


Camellia said...

Yeah, love, we all need that, but many of us could use a focus/brain companion, like seeing/eye dogs and hearing/ear dogs...and your two certainly have the energy for that.

a painter said...

Your little girls are just the cutest!

If you train them to do chores, let me know how. Hank is a lazy bird and his only talent is copious barking.

Have a good weekend!

Kate Spike and Her KatS said...

I wonder if I could get Poonie to push a shopping cart . . . ha ha ha. Your girls are so cute that anything else they do is just lagniappe!

Kudzu said...

aren't we all on the same mind set! the 3 puppies are dragging interesting things in here all day long, Christmas ornaments..where did they find those? dryer sheets,too,at least they look like they used to be dryer sheets. Hot Wheels cars..I don't know where they're finding those either,even though I have 3 grandchildren. They HAVE learned to come to my bedroom and tell me when someone is knocking on the door or the doorbell is ringing..that's smart, I guess!