Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sometimes I Wonder

I never thought about this until I saw the title of  book about what to write in your blog..."Nobody Cares About What You Had For Lunch."
Should I post what I have been doing?
Does anybody care?
But then I thought about the fact that I started this blog for myself.  Yawl know that things rattle around in my head..... and I have to get them out so that I can think about more stuff. here goes.
Monday David and I went to Jackson with our daughter for an appointment.  Before the appointment we made some shopping stops.  I wanted to go to Best Buy  to get another Sony eBook.  David bought me one last Christmas and get this--I lost it.  I have turned the house upside down and can't find it.  So I bought another one.

And one thing that is so typical of David, is that we go to get something for me and he sees something he wants.
Yep that's right he saw it and we came home with it--Rock Band II with the drums, cymbals and guitar.
One thing that nobody except those that went to High School with him knows is that he is one heck of a drummer.  Now I'm not saying that because he's mine, but because I have heard him.

A few years after we married, he borrowed a drum set, set it up in the living room and started to play.  I had initially thought, drummer----yeah yeah sure... but when he started  playing my mouth dropped open.  I was blown away.  He played in a jazz band in high school and in some other  bands, but life happened......married young.....two children that are 14 months apart......but for that he might have really been in a Rock Band!!!

I love ya Daddy.....rock on.


Plain-n-Simple! said...

Thats sweet, we all have egnite our inner artist!!!!


a painter said...

Very cool!

Anyway, we have been reading each others' blogs for so many years I cannot even remember how long. Actually, what did you have lunch. (I had soup!)

DUTA said...

There are no rules about what you write in a blog. It could be a personal diary, a site for displaying your views on different matters, a tutorial of some kind (cooking, crafts). The main thing is to feel good with yourself about the subject, and be able to catch the reader's attention.

Vintage Christine said...

You write about whatever your muse tells you to write about! That is so cool about David and the drums, too--I know he's having a wonderful time banging away!!