Thursday, March 4, 2010

Payback....Yep, It's Coming.

 David is always fussing about my snoring.  And he says that he doesn't snore.  Nope. Doesn't do it, he is way too cool to snore. So the other night, I recorded him snoring on my iPhone.  Now to his credit, it was light delicate even sweet snoring with a little "pooohhhh" sound on the end when he caught his breath.
But we have had this conversation:
Me:  David turn over you are snoring loud and rattling.  You are stopping breathing.  If you were one of your patients you would have put an airway or an endotrachael tube in them.  "A noisy airway is an obstructed airway."
David:  No I'm too comfortable, I'm not moving.
Me:  Okay, die then.
He turned on his side.
When I played the sound of him snoring, he didn't want  to believe that it was him, but who else would I record snoring at 3AM?
Soooo, yesterday morning, he and Dr. R. were in my office when he flipped open his phone and said, Doc, listen to this.  After a few seconds I said, "No you didn't!"  He had recorded me snoring and it was impressive.  Very impressive.  Loud.  And it seems that he had played it for the nurses on the Medical Unit, the nurses in the Emergency Department, the Pharmacist and who knows else.
But all I can say for him is "Be afraid,  be very afraid."


Grayquill said...

Where is the link - shouldn't we be the judge? Please have husband read this - It is better to be right with her than to be right. You are walking a line that you can not win - I feel for you buddy!

Vintage Christine said...

Oh my god that is the funniest thing EVER! I love that you recorded him and I think he should be ashamed of himself too for showing YOUR video! At least mike owns up yto his snoring but I still have to sleep in the guestroom occasionally. And do does he,occasionally,cuz I snore bigtime too. You are hilarious!!!!!

a painter said...

You are so funny! You come up with the quirkiest, funny stuff! Not that snoring is funny...but it is the way you tell it. What a great story! Made me laugh!

Happy weekend!

Annette said...

In this case...Revenge just might be sweet!