Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Was I Embarrassed?

I have been sitting in front of makeup mirrors for years, because I have been wearing makeup for years, because I have been working in a public setting for years.  And let's face it, sick people do not want to look at somebody that looks worse than they do.
I always paint up, pretty up, dress up to go to work.  So when the bulb in my lighted make up mirror burned out, I was perturbed.
David tried to replace the bulb with one we had here and I heard this sound...pizz shssss pop along with a bright arc of light.  So much for that bulb.  He looked all over town to find another replacement but couldn't.
I went to the local Wal Mart--no dice, Freds--no dice, Angel's beauty supply--no dice.  I traveled to a town 20 miles away to a super Wal Mart--no dice...sigh and from there I drove another 30 miles to a Salley's Beauty supply and at last--dice.
I brought it home plugged it's shiney little self in, removed the protective covering on the mirror on the regular side and it was was fine, buuutttt the magnified side had this blur to it.  I cleaned it with a little water--no dice, cleaned it with a little alcohol--no dice...durn...still blurry.
Okay this was the last one on the shelf.  I had kept the receipt and the box as the lady suggested 'cause you just never know,  I would have my $71.00, but I still wouldn't have my mirror and I just can't see well enough without it to look my gorgeous fairly decent self.  Hmmm maybe she would give me some of my money back and I would at least have a partial mirror.
No dag gum it, I was going to get my $71.00 back.  So Friday evening after work, David and I drove 30 miles back to Salley's beauty supply.  I had the box, the instructions, and of course the receipt.  I didn't put it in the box 'cause I didn't want to have to unbox it  to show the saleslady, she could just give me my $71.00 and put it back in the box herself.
I walked in and showed it to her and she said....hmmmm and pulled the protective covering off the blurry side and viola!! it was was perfect.  I was speechless standing there with my mouth hung open, yep I had not removed the film from that side.  But I was sooo happy, I just grinned and took my $71.00 lighted makeup mirror right back out that door. Sigh.


a painter said...

THAT IS HILARIOUS!!! You are a good sport to write about it and share it. I love that story! Too funny!(Sounds like something I would do.)

Vintage Christine said...

Oh hahahahahahaha! That is too hilarious and it's so nice that you go to all that trouble just to look nice for the sick people. My dryer wouldn't work recently and so I bit the bullet and called the repair guy, knowing how much they charge, but hey, you need your dryer! So he comes out, looks it over, fiddles with this and that, then opens and closes the door and turns it on. It wasn't broken. I just hadn't pushed the door all the way in. Of course I've been using this dryer constantly for the last 15 years . . . The repair guy must run into this alot with women of a certain age and you know what? He didn't charge me for the call. I wish you'd post more often, Angel!

Affi'enia said...

That is so the kind of thing I would do! :o)

Plain-n-Simple! said...

What a wonderful adventure!!!!! : D Too funny! Alls well that ends well!
Many Hugs,