Thursday, July 2, 2009

Feel The Love

I stumbled upon this little sweet heart in the same flea market/antique mall that I found the picture that I blogged about earlier.
I have always wanted one of these, (like I said, I'm trying to buy back my childhood) because this ringer washing machine is almost identical to the one that Mama used to wash our clothes for so many years.
When I looked this machine over, I touched it and felt love. There are a few things that make me feel my Mama's love. This is one of them and a sewing machine is another.
I didn't ask how much it was, because I'm sure I couldn't have afforded it, nor would I have a place for it.....but the next time I go back to Hattiesburg, I'm going to stop in there again and hope that it is still there. I plan on just touching it and feeling the love.


a painter said...

I remember these, too...and loved putting the wash through the wringer, although I worried about putting my hand through, too.

I spent all the winters in Florida growing up and so many of the places we rented had these machines--right through the 60's. That is a nice one!

Kate Spike and Her KatS said...

I'm thrifting my way up to Hattiesburg today so hopefully I'll see your washer (I also try to hit the antique malls on Hwy 49)--I grew up in suburban southern California and all those new tract homes came outfitted with the newest in modern conveniences so I can't look at the wringer with any personal nostalgia, although I think it looks incredibly beautiful. Better get off this computer so I can go get hit in the face with today's heat and humidity!