Saturday, July 18, 2009

Things To Tell You

I haven't posted because I've been busy, have a cold and really haven't had anything interesting happening......but here goes.

I have a head/chest cold. Cough cough sneeze sneeze. Use inhalers...and saline nose spray, don't really know if it helps, but can't hurt.

These tomatoes were given to us by our neighbor. Thanks T. I eat tomatoes like some people eat apples. I can't get enough of them.
Took the pictures with my cellphone. They looked so pretty juxtaposed against the white table and salad plate..........

I did something to my laptop last night that made the screen flip f
rom landscape to portrait!! Could barely use my mouse, tried the escape button, tried reboot...nothing worked. I finally went to my desk top PC and looked it up. Figured out how to restore settings which is a nice thing to go through programs-acessessories--restore settings, which you restore to a previous date. Which worked. Thank goodness.

My shower stall had that gunky soap scum stuff on it that I could not get off with any of the bathroom cleaners that I bought. The shower is that aqua glass stuff which is fiberglass I guess. You can't use anything abrasive. I was sitting on the John yesterday gazing at the disgusting scum and I had an epiphany....I wonder if Cascade will work? It cuts the grease and crud on dishes. So I put some on a dish sponge that has a scrubber side to it (not one I use on dishes okay?) dampened it and scrubbed the shower. It cleaned it like and charm with no scrubbing. It just melted that crud right off and didn't dull the finish. I'm still excited about it. (I lead a very dull life) But warning and disclaimer--it makes your shower quite slick. So use a towel to stand on because I slipped twice--thanks goodness my FB didn't fall.

It is a gorgeous day here in Middle Mississippi. The temperature is a balmy 77 degrees. This would be a great day for me to clean out the garage. If only I felt better...

I'm watching
Whale Wars...first time I have ever sat down and watched it through. Very interesting.

Have a great weekend and....morelater.


the old schoolhouse said...

Hi i just read your comment on my sisters blog ,WHAT NO PUBS????? oh my what a strange concept!!! every town in Ireland has at least one and in my town in dublin ten , in my town in Leitrim about eight, Where do you go when you want a chinwag or to set the world to right ? Angie .

AngelMc said...

well we don't have pubs, but we are on the edge of the delta, and there were a lot of juke joints, which have now a thing of the past. and if we want a dinkdink, we can get one at a restaurant. the link i sent her is for the carroll county market which has live music on the weekends, great food and i guess the closest thing we have to a local pub. oh and there is a place on the highway where you can sit outside and enjoy music and ribs...until they get the sports bar built.

ingeniouslycreative said...

Hi Angel!! Wow, what nostalgic pieces you find at the sales!!!! I love the wringer washing tub!!!!!! My mother had one back in the 50's and the housekeeper had no idea how to use it and ended up making a right mess of the garments!!!!! Brought back some memories!!! xoxo Carol

Kate Spike and Her KatS said...

Who are the guys in the picture? Glad to see you're back at the computer and posting, too. There must have been a solar flare last night or something--I was playing BeJeweled on the desktop and all of a sudden the game just took over the whole screen. All by itself! (P.S.--Poonie said to tell your girls howdy-do).

Keetha said...

I hope you're feeling better soon. That is no fun!

I love that picture on the header - who is it?

white o'morn cottage said...

Hi, I found that if I spray a diluted solution of fabric softner and leave it for an hour and then sponge and rinse it off it works great. does not leave anything slick either.

Oh and my sister (the Old Schoolhouse)is wrong about our town in Ballinamore, Leitrim, only having 8 pubs. ...It has 16 but I'm not telling her where the rest of them are! so there!