Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I Took A Bath In Cascade (Sorta)

Since I'm a big girl, (okay fat, okay okay obese), it is hard (okay difficult okay okay, impossible) to bend over and clean our garden tub. It is raised by one step off the floor and leveled with the windows so that David can sit in the tub and watch the deer while he is soaking...another story for a later time.
Soooo I always say, "David will you please scrub out the tub before you get out?" And he always says, "I will tomorrow." And tomorrow never comes. Never. Soooo I have to get into the tub to clean it.
Soooo Saturday I was looking at it and thinking about the Cascade thing...
Soooo I got my towel, bath cloth, house phone, cellphone, box of Cascade and scrubbie and of course the book I'm reading, stripped off my clothes, turned on the water, turned on the jets and had myself a nice long soak and bath.
Soooo then I drained most of the water and proceeded to scrub the tub with the Cascade, which again just melted the soap scum and dirt away.
Butttt remember my earlier post and disclaimer about how the Cascade makes the tub very very slippery
Soooo then I had to worry about getting my FB out of the slippery tub without falling and busting my FB...I did this very carefully all the while thinking about the paramedics picking up my nekkid FB and putting it on the stretcher.
Anddd of course the ambulance ride to the hospital while nekkid with nothing but a sheet to cover me, but I would have been clean.
Buttttt I made it out safely and the tub just sparkled--it hasn't looked this clean and sparkly since we moved it.
I'm very happy. (It takes so little.)



a painter said...

Thankfully, you made it out safely. Angel, you really tell a great story! Imagine the paramedics observing all the phones..the Cascade...and what would your colleagues at work think?

On another note, do you think Cascade is okay for your skin? You might want to read the label!

AngelMc said...

You know I thought about that too--they would never ever let me live it down.
And you know my bottom did sting a little.......

Kate Spike and Her KatS said...

You are hilarious! And I'm so jealous that you have a garden tub (can't wait to hear about David & the deer).