Friday, July 10, 2009


This has been a good week. But I'm always tired and ready for the weekend.
Tomorrow I'll do a little house cleaning, maybe even straighten up the garage (how many times have I said that?) and try to stay away from the Salvation Army.
There must be something there that wants me, because I keep thinking about it.
David the kids and gkids and I went out to eat--I had a great steak, I've had my shower,I'm propped up in the bed, the puppies have made themselves comfortable on my legs, #5 (grandson) is watching Caillou, (I love Caillou--he is a wonderful babysitter--#4 and #5 will watch him for hours), the little fan on my bedside table is blowing and making a wonderful whirring sound......if I was a cat I would be purring right now....ahhh life is good.


a painter said...

I love Callou, too~ When my grands were younger, they were great Callou fans. Sounds like a fun time to me!

I think it must be quite warm where you are. It will be like that here in August, I am certain. So far, it has been cool this summer--which I adore.

Have a great weekend!

white o'morn cottage said...

Hi, delighted to have found your blog and that you found mine. I am going to enjoy it - I can tell after just a quick look.
I am saving it for a good browse later this evening. Thanks for your kind comments and good wishes and prayers for my Paul. He is having his next operation on Tues next 14th July. Fingers crossed. Thanks a million...Pam in Ireland

Kate Spike and Her KatS said...

Hey Angel--we need to find out where Miz Painter lives and go stay with her until October when it finally starts cooling off down here!