Sunday, November 30, 2008

PTL I found 'em

I am so very happy. Why? Well the main reason is that I found my glasses. $243.00 worth of glasses. Reading glasses at that, with a Sarah Palin vibe. I had an eye check-up and bought glasses with the hope that I would keep them on all the time, therefore they would pay for themselves, since in the last few years I have probably lost/broken a good hundred pair. My favorites were the ones that I bought at the dollar tree for of course a dollar each.
My co-workers bet that I wouldn't have these a month, but I have beat that, it's just that I had put them behind a book on my night stand and haven't been able to find them for about a week now. I was hoping that they would magically reappear. I was just about to blog about them and ask if anyone was clairvoyant.....even though I don't believe in that stuff I was getting desperate....and PTL I found them.

It might snow in Mississippi

David just told me the news!!! It's supposed to snow tonight!! In Middle Mississippi! And I'm not on call!! The stars just might be lining up. Oh please please please let it snow.
The new furniture is in the house, and it looks gorgeous. The only thing is that when I come home it makes this house look so dowdy. It makes me understand why it hasn't sold. Maybe we can rent. I will not worry. I will not worry. Everything will work out. I know it will.
David has been out there this morning cleaning up. I have been doing housework here and working on our rental property accounting.
Did anybody know that carpenters/electricians/plumbers/painters/etc. are messy? If they drop it they leave it. David, God bless him has done 99% of the clean up. There was putty in the tubs, spackle everywhere, sheet rock name it.
Maybe later we can sit in the living room and look out on the lake as it our little piece of paradise.
okay, so i didn't finish the story, well i kinda did in my head and i haven't posted in over a year. i'm going to start posting copies of my yahoo blog here. and i have already started two other short stories that i haven't finished. that's so typical of me.