Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Long Story Made As Short As Possible

I have been away for awhile.  I haven't been in an asylum, rehab or on a desert island...let me explain...
(and I am not lamenting--I'm just explaining what all has happened)
Not long after my last post  early on a Saturday morning, Fontana was running around on the bed, missed the steps, fell off and broke his little foot.  The vet put a  on a cast (pink---sigh) that he wore for 3 weeks. He quickly learned how to get around with the cast on his little foot.
The following Sunday morning at 3 AM, the nursing home called and my sweet uncle John had passed away in his sleep.  We had his grave side services on Wednesday.  It was quite beautiful...the military played taps and presented me with the flag.  And a family friend that he had taught how to play the guitar, played Amazing Grace on the fiddle (yes fiddle, not violin).  All and all it was a wonderful tribute to a simple man who found great pleasure in simple things.
The following Saturday, I woke up and knew something was wrong.  Went to the ED and sure enough I had a large kidney stone that was too large to pass and was blocking my kidney...this bought me a trip to a large medical center and lithotripsy the following Monday.
I came home Monday after the lithotripsy and then of course Thanksgiving was Thursday.  So between passing the "sand" from the stone, running fever, cleaning and cooking......well enough of that.
Back to work.........then last Wednesday went to the urologist for a check up and....have two more stones that are small enough to pass sigh......feeling okay but on the way home started running fever......missed more days of work.
Oh and during this time my lap-top is at the computer doctor....I have been reading your posts on my iPhone, but I haven't been making comments.
Now I'm propped up here in the bed in my semi-decorated house...
Me:  David this is not all of my Santa Claus figurines
David:  Well, I got all the boxes down.
Me:  Can't be...
David: Is to.
Me: Is not.
David: Is to.
Me Is not.
Most all of the gifts are bought, but none are wrapped.
Fontana's puppy foot is fine. Priscilla, Ginger and Ann Margaret are fine.
I miss my uncle, but I know he is in Heaven playing "Rubber Dolly", "Carroll County Blues" and "My Bucket's Got A Hole In It" on the fiddle (yes fiddle-not violin).
Our kids are fine,
All the Grand Kids are fine,
David is fine,
I am fine.
Life is good.
And let my Heavenly Father be praised.