Wednesday, November 17, 2021

 Goodness where has the time gone. I'm almost five years older and retired.  I have gone through a very rough year.  

And I have always considered myself tough but this year has knocked me to my knees.  I have had a lot of health issues, some pretty serious and I have not bounced back like a I usualy do.  To the point I have stayed in the bed for days on end, only getting up to go to the bathroom or shower.

I'm now in therapy and it's really helping.  I' also in physical therapy and it is also helping.

I'm going to try to start this blog back and tell my stories.

I made my husband an appointment with a urologist for his prostate exam. He didn't want to go but I said, "okay do want to be peeing in bag like your best friend's daddy?"  He is always so funny when he comes home.....and the thing is he's dead serious.  Here is our conversation:

Me:  How did it go.

Him: Okay and he said everything is okay and he'll let me know about my blood work later.  I just don't understand with all the advanced technology we have now why a digital exam is necessary.  Surely they could do a CT or ultrasound or something.

Did you holler like you did last time where they could hear you all over the office building?

No, but I did moan.  And I told him this is a new building and I'm pretty sure there isn't any insulation in these walls between exam rooms....AND this exam is right next to where the registration lady sits.  It's just not right.

Love your husband and make his appointment for him!