Sunday, May 17, 2015

Belated Mother's Day Post

The Saturday before Mother's Day as I was lying flat on my 59 year old back vacuuming under the bed, I remembered how much Mama worried about cleaning out from under there.  She was really happy when she found a vacuum cleaner that would flatten out enough to effectively clean under it.

This got me to thinking about other things I learned from her--listed here in no particular order.  There are so many--this is just a few.

Always keep it clean under your bed (and other places people can't see).  People may not be able to see the dirt, but you know it's there.

Be very fastidious about your person.  You never know when you might have to go to the hospital, or you might be in a car accident.  It's okay if you go through the drive-thru with a house dress on or ratty clothes as long as your body is clean.

Always have one very best friend in which you can confide everything and will tell you the truth.

Put flowers on your ancestors/loved ones graves as often as you can, but always on homecoming/Memorial day.

Wear make-up, fix your hair, dress your best when you go to work.

Be on time.

Make sure your shoes are polished.

Know how to make a good potato salad.

Be friendly and speak to EVERYBODY.  Ask how are they doing and always, always ask about their family--especially their children and/or their parents.

Go barefooted.

Tithe--give God His first.

If the church door is open--be there.

Everybody gossips a little.

Making biscuits and red-eye gravy is an art form.

Keep your yard immaculate and it is reasonable to call your neighbor out if their dog poops in your yard.

You can make fried chicken in the oven that tastes just as good as if fried in a skillet--the secret died with her.

Be frugal-use it up and wear it out.  Save your money--"you never know what you might need."

Tend to your children's business as much as you want to if you see them messing up, do not hesitate to nag them about it.  You almost died having them, the least they can do is live a good life.

It is the mother's prerogative to have first choice to name the baby. "She is the one who will go down in to that deep valley to get them here."

Always wear earrings when you go out.  And of course other jewelry too, but never go without your earrings.  Never.

Unless your gray hair is stunning--dye it.

Do care what people think about you--when you have no possessions left you will still have your good name.

Read your Bible.

Pray without ceasing.

Love you Mama.  Miss you Mama.

More later