Saturday, January 29, 2011

Things My Cousin Sent Me

My cousin has a vintage clothing store that she named after our grandmother, Sweet Ludie's Vintage Clothing."
She is the ultimate estate sale shopper and she found theses neat things for me.
This is a 1940s nurse's uniform that she even cleaned before she sent it to me:

These vintage nurses books---which I adore:

This precious Betsy McCall doll (I have always wanted one), handmade clothes and also this doll case.  I just love them.

And this hankie.  Sigh.  Thank you cousin.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I Bought This At The Estate Sale

I have been meaning to share this with you.  I bought this really cool old post card album from at an estate sale.
I know the people, and it was kinda sad, but still these things are loved again by me.
The album is in poor condition...but that doesn't keep me from loving it.
These are some of the cards that are inside:

Pretty cool huh?
And I also bought this tiny devotion book.  It is about 2 and 1/2 inches by about 1 and 1/2 inches.  Does anyone have any idea how I can clean the outside without harming it?

This is the inscription on the inside.
It's over a hundred years old!!!! And I paid $2.50 for it...
Here is on of the devotions.
More pictures of my treasures tomorrow....or the next day....or the next...

Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Time Saver Tip

For years I pretended I was Martha Stewart/Donna Reed.
I folded David's underwear, sorted and paired his socks, separated everything and placed it neatly in the chest of drawers. 
The way I folded the T shirts was thing of beauty.  I was able to get dozens of them lined up just so in the drawer. 
The socks were also lined up just so, sorted by color and type. 
The briefs were folded just so...I wish I had a before picture to show you.
And even when David would dig through them and unfold/mess up everything, I would sigh deeply and  straighten it all back out again.  I was so proud of my Donna Reedness.
And then one day I had a moment of perfect understanding.  This was a waste of time.  This did not fill up David's love tank.  He did not care whether the underwear was Donna Reed neat!!  He only cared that it was clean and in the drawer.  I was doing it for me.  Not for him.  I could save an untold amount of time by just dumping it all in the drawer. 

Today I did separate the T shirts, briefs and socks.  But other than that I just threw them in the drawers!! And guess what?  It only took me a few minutes.
And guess what?  I did not have chest pain or apoplexy.

And since I did not have apoplexy I did the same thing with my underwear!!! (But you don't get to see a picture of mine--sorry...)

Monday, January 10, 2011

For Those Of You In Colder Regions....

please forgive us down here in Mississippi, we get all giddy-headed over a little snow and sleet,
Some of us got (reportedly) 8 inches and here where I live in Middle MS, we got about 2.  Schools closed, doctors' offices closed, pharmacies closed, government businesses closed, stores closed, it was kinda surreal as barely any traffic was moving this morning when I went to work.
There were (reportedly) 30 traffic accidents Sunday night.
Wal Mart, and every other store was out of bread, milk and eggs.
David was in hunting paradise.
Thanks to a friend of mine who grew up in Michigan I can drive (sorta) on ice and snow.  I remember the first year she moved down here in '76 how she hooted at and then stared in disbelief at all of us driving like idiots.
She drove this:

Well this isn't the actual Monte Carlo but it was very similar.  And honestly people would gawk when they saw us cruising by in the snow and ice.  She always drove with the sun roof open and that winter of  76 she almost killed me.....I stayed sick with a cold.  She never had chains on her tires but she could put that sucker in the wind/sleet/snow anywhere she wanted to go.
She taught me how to stop, how to turn my wheels and how to steer......
Anyway I am so enjoying the snow.
And I will leave you with this from Sunday night:

Avery:  "Nonna, when it snows is God happy?"
Me: "Yes."

Monday, January 3, 2011

Chicken Nugget Run

I'll tell you a little secret, okay it won't be a secret after I tell you but anyway here BFF Janice and I sometimes go on chicken nugget runs (CNR) on our lunch break.  Well, we only get 30 minutes for lunch so it has to be an extended lunch break.
It's kinda like ditching school after lunch..kinda because we do go back to work....eventually.
Here is what we do. We go to McDonald's and get the chicken nugget meal, I dump my nuggets and my fries into my sack all together.  Janice doesn't do this because she only eats one thing at a time, and we hit the road.  It's easier to eat chicken nuggets than a  burger while you are driving.  Sometimes we have someplace we want to go and sometimes we just head out.  Sometimes we eat in the cemetery and talk. 
On our last CNR we went somewhere I was curious about.  We turned down this gravel road .... then that gravel road and we saw this.

That is a bunch of junk.
Then we saw this,

which is more junk.
Then we saw this,
where suddenly the road dead ended...and we could hear "Dueling Banjos" playing in the background.  At that we turned around and "high tailed it out of there."
It was pretty surreal.
This was about 3 months ago...and I'm feeling the need for another CNR...(it gets in your blood)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Few Little Things

To Tell You.

One of the Christmas gifts that I gave #4 was this:
and her Mama said to leave it here for her to play with...apparently somebody told Mama that these things are quite messy.  But that's okay, 'cause it looks like a lot of fun to me...can't wait to play with it, I mean I can't wait for us to play with it.

This chair is old, it came out of my Mama's cousin's house.  It was in our house for I know around 45 years.  My brother had it in his house and his wife recovered it in that material.  When they divorced it returned to us.  I didn't know what happened to it, hadn't thought about it in years since Mama sold the farm and moved. Apparently she left it in the house.......and the other day when I went home, I drove up to the house and it was sitting on the front porch.  The people that bought the house only come home ever so often and it was quite tempting to just try to put in in the trunk.  It's going to ruin sitting out there in the weather.

I put this gorgeous compote on my wish list at Special Treasures, a fabulous gift store in town...I didn't get it.  And I didn't get that Sorrelli necklace or bracelet either.......buuuutttt I did get a new TV for the bedroom which I wanted and I got something I have been asking for for years...
A bottle tree!! Mine looks something similar to this one. Right now it is lying on it's side in the front yard waiting for me to find a place for it.  I have plans...all those bottles David brings home from the woods and colored bottles from here and there...
Okay---more later.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

This Post Has No Title

CiCi/GinGin/Ann Margaret/Fontana (CGAMF):  Mommy put some pictures on here...put some of those really cute ones of us...just put some pictures on here, heck just put something on here.
Me: goes
This what the weather looked like last night when David and I celebrated a very exciting NYE...yep Wal Mart, movie--True Grit which was quite good by the way and then an elegant meal at the Waffle House...ahh the joy of simple southern living.

A very very cute picture of Fontana taking a nap...

The 7 wild monkeys using their fingers to tell you what number they are in the line up of Gkids.  We took all of them to breakfast at McDonald's this past Sunday and I had them all line up by age at the counter to tell the lady what they wanted, except for 7, PapPaw held him and he nodded yes to a sausage and biscuit.  You should have seen all the smiles we got.

Isn't Ann Margaret cute?  She looks like a little mouse...

All my babies...Fontana has his pink cast on in this picture.

I bought this sugar cube holder at the auction last month of $2.50..I think I may put the body cream that I made in it....the recipe is here

Another auction buy..chip and dip?  Does it look like it might be mid century?\

And I bought theses gorgeous linen napkins one dozen at the auction for $2.50.  I sent them to the cleaners and they turned out divine.  I will use them at my next book club.
More stuff later..Happy New Year !!!!!