Sunday, March 27, 2011

Another One Of My Collections

I have always been draw to little chairs, and I don't know why.  I just noticed one day that I had several of them and decided to group them together.
These are grouped together in a corner of one of the bedrooms. The red one is my little red rocker that I got as a gift for my 5th birthday.  So that would make it 51 years old this December.  The slatted birch chair I bought years ago at Freds.  It folds up flat.  The others I have bought at auctions and estate sales. 
Tyler Wentworth sits regally in this chair on the nightstand.

And these are on the wall directly above the ones in the first picture.
They make me think of a story:
Many years ago my friend Sheila and I were talking about how there used to be country music shows about once a month in our little town.  She remembers Peggy Sue, Loretta Lynn's sister performing and that her dressing area was in the kindergarten room.  She had brought  her daughter Darletta with her on this particular occasion. Apparently Peggy Sue had a very thick country accent and Sheila remembers her saying...Daaarrrrletta jes lookit all them little cheers.
For years after Sheila telling me that story, every time we passed each other in the hall we would say..Daaarrrrletta!!! jes lookit all them little cheers!
I think I'm going to paint that saying on a canvas and hang it on the wall under those little cheers.....

Sang it Peggy!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Apparently I need to apologize to everyone in the world, no everyone in the entire universe, because according to David I have kept you all awake with my snoring.

So all of my friends on this continent and across the oceans, I apologize.
I really don't want to have one of those 2 night sleep studies done, and I'm hoping that since my husband is a Respiratory Therapist, and he is going to borrow an oxygen saturation monitor and check to see if I stop breathing, maybe just maybe my doctor will write me a prescription for a CPAP machine. 
Or maybe one of my friends is going to let me borrow one.
Or maybe another friend will bootleg me one for another little while, but I will have to buy the tubing which is $167.00!! (The machine is $600.00+)
I think that my deductable is paid, but I will still have to pay the 80%.
Why am I quibbling about this, when all of yawl and my husband can't sleep?
So until I get this all worked out, could you all just put some cotton in your ears?

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Things I Bought At The Auction #Something

 I know I haven't been here much, but I just can't seem to get it together anymore.  However one thing that I do for myself is go to the monthly auction.
It seems that lately I have been on a picture kick, or maybe I should say art kick.  Like so many of us wealthy people (hahahaha) we collect art, and I'm adding to my collection..........
These pieces of art were bought by me at a gallery at the monthly auction and were very expensive none cost more than $7.50 most were $2.50.

The first one has to be my favorite, it is a signed water color....(I love water colors). See the red-bird?  It is hanging in my dining room and looks wonderful in there.  It is also framed very nicely.  The second one is also a water color and is hanging in my bedroom.  It looks sorta Christmasy, but I love it anyway.

These two are what I think are vintage prints of state birds/state flowers....of course when I bought them I didn't realize that one of them was the Magnolia...very sweet.  I think they may be pages out of a book.  I love them too and they hang in one of the bathrooms.  Since we live in the semi-country on a lake, I love to collect pictures art work of birds and animals.
I also enjoy collecting pictures sigh, I mean art...of women, I have several representing various ages of women.  I thought this was very sweet.  It too is in a bathroom......Hmmm could it be I'm running out of wall space?

And of course I love this oil, because it depicts a lake and I adore dogwood.  It is signed by Pat Pucket and has the date and place on the back...I forgot to take a picture of the back...and I can't remember what is written there.
Each picture is framed and I have pleased will all of the frames except one.
This is only some of the art that I have collected over the past couple of years.  And I have more things to show you at a later date that I purchased at the last couple of auctions.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

"Cause It Smells Good"

This had been setting in the orginal box, in the back corner of the bathroom cabinet for maybe 2 years.
David "discovered" it the other day and maybe used it once.  I like the way it I have used a couple of dabs here and there for the past few nights after my shower.....and I mixed a few drops with the body cream that I made....
David hasn't mentioned it....and nobody at work has mentioned it....
You think I'm getting eccenric in my old age..??