Friday, July 31, 2009

The Dog Ate My .....

This is a list of all the things that the dogs have eaten--well chewed up.
Most recent--wireless Internet card--to the tune of $267.48
Internet extension cord for wireless card--15.99
AC power cord for laptop.....fixed by computer dude. (CiCi is guilty of all of the above)
Numerous colors, pencils etc.
The tips of the earpieces of my glasses, and the nose pieces of my glasses--no telling how many times at from $0.00 when they feel sorry for me to $10.00 when they don't (CiCi)
Chewed off the tips (GinGin is guilty) of every pillow case that I own.
Various important papers, bills, stuffed animals etc.
The corner of my new coffee table, the corner of my new bed.--both camouflaged with a touch-up pen.
Holes have been chewed in my new coverlet......I refuse to buy a new one, even though I'm hosting a bridal luncheon in September.
Toilet paper is the same to CiCi as onion dip is to me.
It's a good thing they are so darn cute.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The White Knight Part II

I called the utility company to see if the White Knight was in that morning.
This is the conversation:
May I speak to the young gentleman that helped with the deer yesterday?
Yes Mam, he's right here.
Hi, I'm the lady about the deer.
Yes Mam.
Are you Carl and Marie's son?
Yes Mam.
I just want you to know that they would be very proud of have turned into a fine young man, and they would be very very proud.
Thank you Mam.
What year were you born?
I was still helping Dr. Costilow deliver babies back then, and I think I was there when you were born.
Yes Mam.
Was the doe okay?
Yes Mam, she got up and was able to run off, she seemed fine, didn't look like anything was wrong with her.
Great!! Thank you again.
Yes Mam, you are welcome.
I believe....there are still White Knights around....and they show up at just the right time when you need them.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

It Was Raining And the White Knight Promised

I know these pictures, especially this one, aren't very good because I took them with my cellphone, but they are part of my story today. This is the last one that I took before my story for you starts. This is a picture of a cotton plant.
(This is a picture of the Yazoo River in Greenwood MS)
Well, maybe not. Now that I think about it the story started yesterday. I needed to go to Wal Mart, but I was too tired after cleaning the house and since I have bronchitis and have been coughing my head off, I decided I would rest and that I would go today after church.

(Another picture of the river)

I didn't go to church because I just felt to bad and I had just about talked myself out of going to WM, but I needed things. After lunch I felt a little rested. I normally go to WM in my home town, but today, for some reason I was compelled to go to WM in Greenwood.
(This is a picture of an old barn with a tin roof, I sat and watched the rain drip off the steep edge of the roof for a while and even thought about driving under there to listen to the rain)

I was putting on dab of make-up when David asked me to order a movie for him on pay-per-view. The Internet was slow and I was confused so all in all I was delayed for about an hour.
I ate at my favorite place--The Krystal--and as I was leaving instead of turning to the right towards WM, I was compelled to go straight. Straight towards the cotton seed mill, down beside the river. I remember thinking, well....maybe I'm supposed to go this way so I can take some pictures with my cellphone and post them on my blog...yeah that's it. I'll post some cotton/river/delta/blues trail pictures!!
Then......I saw her. At first I thought she was a big dog playing with some smaller dogs. Then I realized she was a deer and in my naivete, I thought maybe they were playing. They were dogs that looked like they were just over the puppy stage. They were inside a fence and she couldn't get away from them because she couldn't find her way out. They got her down and bit at her neck and ears....I pulled in as far as I could and screamed at them to stop, they left her alone and she got up......they chased her into a corner and attacked her again. I called 911 and they said they said they would send a game I waited and stayed with her on the other side of the fence.........hoping the game warden would soon get there.
I finally realized that I could call Greenwood utilities....and I did after getting through 411..........
By then I had run the dogs away from the doe 4 times and she was in the middle of a field......panting...but she was alive.
The first man from the utility company told me that there wasn't anything he could do....he couldn't get in because he didn't have a key and this wasn't the utility company's grounds, and he was too busy because of the storm....blah blah blah.......
I called 911 back and he said that the game warden was beeping in as we spoke.......and then he showed up. A young knight, in a Gwood utilities truck....a white truck......a white night on a white horse. This is our conversation.
"Mam are you the lady that called about the deer?"
"Yes, can you help her?"
"Yes Mam, where is she?"
I pointed toward the field.
"The game warden is supposed to be on the way, but you can please help her before the dogs come back? It's so brutal."
"Yes Mam , I don't have a key to this gate, but I can get in through the back way."
"So you are going to help her?"
"Yes Mam." "Fortunately, the storm is over, and I don't have any calls right now, so I can help her."
"So, I can go? And you promise you will help her?"
"Oh yes Mam, I promise."
"You promise."
"Yes Mam, I promise."
I left......I wanted to leave while the White Knight was there, I didn't want to be disappointed by the game warden........
Besides......White Knights always keep their promises.
And another thing, on the way home (I didn't get my WM shopping done) I was struck by the fact that he looked so much like another fine young man and young lady......Carl and Marie....who were killed several years ago on a motorcycle........and I'm pretty sure that I was his mama's nurse in deliver when he was born.........

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I Took A Bath In Cascade (Sorta)

Since I'm a big girl, (okay fat, okay okay obese), it is hard (okay difficult okay okay, impossible) to bend over and clean our garden tub. It is raised by one step off the floor and leveled with the windows so that David can sit in the tub and watch the deer while he is soaking...another story for a later time.
Soooo I always say, "David will you please scrub out the tub before you get out?" And he always says, "I will tomorrow." And tomorrow never comes. Never. Soooo I have to get into the tub to clean it.
Soooo Saturday I was looking at it and thinking about the Cascade thing...
Soooo I got my towel, bath cloth, house phone, cellphone, box of Cascade and scrubbie and of course the book I'm reading, stripped off my clothes, turned on the water, turned on the jets and had myself a nice long soak and bath.
Soooo then I drained most of the water and proceeded to scrub the tub with the Cascade, which again just melted the soap scum and dirt away.
Butttt remember my earlier post and disclaimer about how the Cascade makes the tub very very slippery
Soooo then I had to worry about getting my FB out of the slippery tub without falling and busting my FB...I did this very carefully all the while thinking about the paramedics picking up my nekkid FB and putting it on the stretcher.
Anddd of course the ambulance ride to the hospital while nekkid with nothing but a sheet to cover me, but I would have been clean.
Buttttt I made it out safely and the tub just sparkled--it hasn't looked this clean and sparkly since we moved it.
I'm very happy. (It takes so little.)


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Things To Tell You

I haven't posted because I've been busy, have a cold and really haven't had anything interesting happening......but here goes.

I have a head/chest cold. Cough cough sneeze sneeze. Use inhalers...and saline nose spray, don't really know if it helps, but can't hurt.

These tomatoes were given to us by our neighbor. Thanks T. I eat tomatoes like some people eat apples. I can't get enough of them.
Took the pictures with my cellphone. They looked so pretty juxtaposed against the white table and salad plate..........

I did something to my laptop last night that made the screen flip f
rom landscape to portrait!! Could barely use my mouse, tried the escape button, tried reboot...nothing worked. I finally went to my desk top PC and looked it up. Figured out how to restore settings which is a nice thing to go through programs-acessessories--restore settings, which you restore to a previous date. Which worked. Thank goodness.

My shower stall had that gunky soap scum stuff on it that I could not get off with any of the bathroom cleaners that I bought. The shower is that aqua glass stuff which is fiberglass I guess. You can't use anything abrasive. I was sitting on the John yesterday gazing at the disgusting scum and I had an epiphany....I wonder if Cascade will work? It cuts the grease and crud on dishes. So I put some on a dish sponge that has a scrubber side to it (not one I use on dishes okay?) dampened it and scrubbed the shower. It cleaned it like and charm with no scrubbing. It just melted that crud right off and didn't dull the finish. I'm still excited about it. (I lead a very dull life) But warning and disclaimer--it makes your shower quite slick. So use a towel to stand on because I slipped twice--thanks goodness my FB didn't fall.

It is a gorgeous day here in Middle Mississippi. The temperature is a balmy 77 degrees. This would be a great day for me to clean out the garage. If only I felt better...

I'm watching
Whale Wars...first time I have ever sat down and watched it through. Very interesting.

Have a great weekend and....morelater.

Friday, July 10, 2009


This has been a good week. But I'm always tired and ready for the weekend.
Tomorrow I'll do a little house cleaning, maybe even straighten up the garage (how many times have I said that?) and try to stay away from the Salvation Army.
There must be something there that wants me, because I keep thinking about it.
David the kids and gkids and I went out to eat--I had a great steak, I've had my shower,I'm propped up in the bed, the puppies have made themselves comfortable on my legs, #5 (grandson) is watching Caillou, (I love Caillou--he is a wonderful babysitter--#4 and #5 will watch him for hours), the little fan on my bedside table is blowing and making a wonderful whirring sound......if I was a cat I would be purring right now....ahhh life is good.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Things I Bought At the Auction

I saw this bird dog print decoupaged onto distressed pine, it has all the effects of the stuff we decoupaged in the 60s/70s--you know burned edges on the print, distressed edges on the plaque. And I have this thing for bird dogs. My daddy raised and trained them. I have pictures of him and my brother with the bird dogs that he trained. It called out to me. I had to have it. Mine for $2.50.

I also had to have this picture, it too called out to me from across the room. And after I won it--low and behold it's a very very vintage and somewhat primitive original water color. And it perfectly matches the flowers in the guest bedroom. Love it--$2.50.

And this little sweet thing, was hiding inconspicuously on the floor and I saw it out of the corner of my eye. I had one of the helpers open it for me and guess what--most of all of the original stuff is in there. It is a child's Gilbert toy microscope. Eight of the chemicals are there and the instruction book which is dated 1955. Nobody wanted it--mine for $2.50!!! Should I keep it or try to resale it on eBay?

I saw this lamp on the auction's web site. I thought it would look good in the other guest bedroom. And so it does. Miss Tyler Wentworth likes it too. Mine for $5.00
These high ball glasses are the same color as my kitchen--yes my kitchen is sorta turquoise and besides they are very heavy and have gold rims. Mine for $3.00.

I have a weakness for dolls, red-headed dolls, red-headed dolls with skates. Seymour Mann doll, mine for $6.00--more than I wanted to pay, but I wasn't letting the lady bidding against me get her!

This is the first thing that I bought. It is a vintage hand-tooled leather bucket purse with the word Mexico tooled into the leather. One of the straps is broken and the other is quite worn. Should I have it fixed--or leave it as it is? When you open it up the inside flap has a mirror on it. Love it love it. Mine for $8.00.

So what do yawl think? How did I do?

Friday, July 3, 2009

Random Things To Tell You

I'm going to an auction tomorrow, and I'm pretty excited about it. As you may know I love junktique. This is a picture from the auction's website. Can't wait. I hope that tarnished silver pitcher is still there. I have been thinking about how I passed it up. I have an idea for it......

There's another new antidepressant on the market. Whoo hoo, probably a "me too" drug. But I love the little wind up doll, I wonder if I could buy one......except I would want mine to have a smile on her face.

This the book that my book club is reading. And I'm struggling with it. Some parts of it I enjoy, other parts...I know that it is an allegory, but maybe I just don't think deeply enough for this kind of stuff.
I do love my book club. All of us have different kinds of books that we like to read and I enjoy the different points of view. I prefer stories that are either true-life are based on true-life.
Has anybody read Wicked? Tell me our opinion. Did you struggle with it? I'm about half way through.

And last but certainly not least--Happy 4th of July and God Bless America. I have attached a link for Flag Etiquette here.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Feel The Love

I stumbled upon this little sweet heart in the same flea market/antique mall that I found the picture that I blogged about earlier.
I have always wanted one of these, (like I said, I'm trying to buy back my childhood) because this ringer washing machine is almost identical to the one that Mama used to wash our clothes for so many years.
When I looked this machine over, I touched it and felt love. There are a few things that make me feel my Mama's love. This is one of them and a sewing machine is another.
I didn't ask how much it was, because I'm sure I couldn't have afforded it, nor would I have a place for it.....but the next time I go back to Hattiesburg, I'm going to stop in there again and hope that it is still there. I plan on just touching it and feeling the love.