Sunday, September 27, 2009

I Played Hooky At The Salvation Army Store

Somehow I deleted this here goes again.
I went to a seminar this past Friday about the H1N1 Flu vaccine. After lunch it was around 60 degrees in the room, I was zoning out and the final part I thought didn't apply to how we were going to distribute the vaccine to our employees. So I sneaked out. (Sorry Jim)
So I headed to the Salvation Army, which is not to far from where the semiar was held. Usually when I am compelled to do something, I just go with the flow...knowing that there is someone I'm supposed to see or something I'm supposed to encounter. It's up to me to figure it out.
The first thing that I noticed was these pair of shoes.

They had chunky heels and were faux crocodile. Hmmm. I looked over the rest of the store and then gravitated back to the wall of shoes, when I noticed these:

And that's when I realized I'm supposed to blog about shoes. Not just shoes but the shoes on that wall that stood about among all the rest of the black nondescript pumps and sandals. You know the Brittanies...the flashy ones....the ones that call your attention. The blue satin pumps above were probably worn with a bridesmaid's dress or maybe to a prom. They remind me of Angelina Jolie...classy with blue eyes.

And these fushia satin pumps, they were probably worn by the same person---always a bridesmaid, never a bride. They remind me of Charlize Theron.

And these icy blue micro suede. They remind me of Grace Kelly.

And this black/white pump...I don't know what happened the other half of her, but she makes me think of Catherine Zeta-Jones.

And these open toed cuties...Julia Roberts maybe?

But finally these flashy funky and possibly trashy numbers. I did not move or touch the others when I snapped them with my cellphone, but these were just to good not to showcase them in all their sparkly glory.

Oh..and they came home with me. They are in the guest bathroom...please don't ask why...'cause I don't's just where they belong.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tarnished Silver Plate Platter

Collections collections.
I am falling in love with tarnished silver plate. And I don't know why. This is the first one that I bought at auction. $2.50 and it was mine all mine.
It is very very heavy. It is silver plate over solid copper. I cleaned it up--some of the copper is exposed in the center, and as you can see it is quite ornate. I just love it.
It took me several months to figure out where it belonged in my house.
It has been propped up on a miniature chair on the floor, on the little buffet in the breakfast nook, and in the master bedroom.
Then the day before the bridal luncheon, I pulled this ribbon out of a drawer, (the ribbon was tied around a throw I bought) figured out how to tie it around the platter, nailed a tiny nail in the wall (just big enough to hold the platter) and strategically placed it to cover some dings in the sheet rock.
Voila!! it looks just perfect in the dinning room.
I have bought one more platter, but I need at least one more don't I for a collection? Or more? Lots's a new passion.
Oh and sorry about the poor picture quality I took it with my cellphone. I promise I'll get a new memory card for my camera so that the pictures will be better.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Something To Show You--Annie Laura

Annie Laura State Pin Dishes

I know, I know, you have been wondering what I have been doing. I tried to think of exactly what I have been doing, but honestly I know I have been busy--but just what I have accomplished--I don't have a clue.
So I decided that I would share one of my collections with you. These are Annie Laura Pin Trays.

The picture above is my collection of them that I have in my extra bedroom. I think (I started indexing them and got tired of doing it) that I have every state except Hawaii. My collection started when David and I were visiting in Illinois. I went antiquing and found a Mississippi one. The lady asked me if I collected them and I said no, I just thought it would be cool to bring home a MS souvenir from Illinois. She then said well there is a whole world of people out there who do. I never thought anything else about it until one day on a whim I eBayed them and the rest is history. I just went nuts.

This is a close-up. I can really only find out very little about them but here is what I know. Seems the lady "Annie Laura" started this while her husband was away in the Korean war and she made quite a good business out of it.
Each one has a sticker on the back, a star with the year that the state joined the union inside the star and each one is signed on the back. Each state has flower, bird and significant place edition. For instance my MS one has a magnolia on it and "Natchez" on it. I have only found one MS, I have been unable to find the state bird on any other significant place--like our capital, Jackson.
I haven't bought any in quite awhile, because I haven't found any that I don't already have.
I have them in alphabetical order on the shelves.
I would love to hear from anybody out there who collects these dishes.

Monday, September 14, 2009


It has been wildly busy around here.
I took off last Thursday and Friday to get my house clean and ready for a Bridesmaids' luncheon Saturday. There were 23 people here not counting the hostesses. It was very nice if I do say so myself.
And a big plus..David trimmed out my doll cabinet (he had too--the raw sheet rock was exposed) and it looks great. Now all I need is to get someone to install the glass shelves and the glass doors.
Saturday night was the wedding and of course the reception. The wedding was the daughter of my BFF Celia. The wedding was just gorgeous. And the reception was great. We had to leave early so we could keep the wild monkeys--I mean grandkids. Their daddy was in the wedding and of course he and my daughter wanted to enjoy the reception with the other young people their age.
By Sunday when I had taken the wild monkeys--I mean grandkids home--I was pooped.
The picture is another one of my "scores" at weekend before lasts auction. Mine for $2.50. This one is selling on eBay now for $5.00 something. It is a huge and beautiful book, filled with wonderful pictures and illustrations. (sorry for the bad pic--just took it quickly on my phone)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It's For Sale On Ebay!!!

Sorry for the poor picture, but I copied it from ebay. This is exactly like the shots dispenser that I bought at the auction. I bought it for $12.50, and even though I didn't want to pay that much, it was so charming I had to have it. This one is selling on ebay for $27.02.
Neither David nor I drink, but I thought it would make a cute dispenser for mouthwash. But David said no, it was too cute to put in the bathroom. So I guess I'll find a place for it somewhere in the kitchen......unless maybe I should sell it on ebay?
What do yawl think?

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I Made Money At The Auction

Now here's a first. I went to an auction Saturday. (It is always sooo much fun, my BFF Judy and I have as much fun people watching as we do bidding.)
But anyway, I had seen these glasses on the auction web site, and when they came up for bid...I got 'em for $2.50. And to quote the auctioneer, a set of four with an extra one to break. Yep a set of 5. However, they were quite pretty--etched and with a thick gold trim around the top.
A little while later, this guy sitting behind me, said, "them sure are some purty glasses." And I said, "thank you, I think so too."
Him: How much do you want for them?
Me: Well, I paid $2.50.
Him: Will you take $5.00?
Me: Sure. But why do you want them? (getting worried that he might be a dealer and they might be worth more...)
Him: 'Cause I think they are purty.
Me: It's a deal.
Now that's a first, I made money at an auction!!
I'll post pictures of the rest of my treasures later this week.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Jobs For The Puppies

My new blogger friend Carmellia at Free Falling sent me the above picture and email link. She and I must have some kind of psychic link, because I had just prized myself up from the floor after looking under the bed for my laptop air card (don't ask), I told the puppy girls, yawl really could help out around here. Yawl could have some jobs around here to help Mommy out. Then I opened up my email and she had sent me the above link, which really got me to thinking.... These are the things that they could do.
Keep up with where I put my glasses.
Keep up with the remotes for the TV/Ceiling fan/DVR.
Keep up with where I put my name badge/car keys/cellphone--so I wouldn't be running around in the morning trying to find them.
Pick up their daddy's socks/underwear when he leaves them in the bathroom floor. I don't expect them to put them in the laundry basket, but they could drag them next to it.
Since they immediately check out anything that hits the floor, they could put any colors that the grands leave on the floor over in the basket with the other colors/coloring books.
They already bark like crazy when someone comes to the door, so maybe they could use different barks for different people, David--1bark, the grands--2 barks, stranger--bark like crazy...which is what they do with everybody.
Clean out from under the bed--right now there is a rubber fishing worm, a LED light, a hair clip, 2 fabric softener sheets and of course a chew chew all under there.
I certainly don't expect them to do my grocery shopping like the dogs in the picture...
I wouldn't trade all the love that they give me for anything, it is more than enough for me.