Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Have yawl been wondering about me?
I would love to tell you that I have been doing amazing things.
But I have only been doing ordinary things.
I killed my lap top and I rarely ever come back here in the bedroom to use the desk top unless I have to balance the check book or pay bills.  Yeah.
I want an iPad......I want a new lap top....I want/need a new iPhone.
Well I did do one thing......and it was awesome.
David and I went to the National Quartet Convention in Louisville KY.  (I love 4 part harmony)
And no matter where we go David finds "Elvis."
So there he was walking around the Kentucky Convention Center and David had to stop and have a conversation with him.
Part of the conversation went like this.
David:  Do you ever enter any of the Elvis impersonator contests?
Elvis:  No, those guys scare me.
We walk off and David is kinda in a daze....he asks me, What did that mean?  Does he not realize that he is one of those guys?
Fast forward a few days later, Avery saw this picture in my phone and here is our conversation:
Avery:  I thought Elvis was dead.
Me:  He is
Well who is that?
That is an Elvis impersonator.
What is an Elvis impersonator?
Well he is pretending to be Elvis.
Oh...does PapPaw know that?
She never fails to make me smile.....