Sunday, April 10, 2011

Rattles To Tell You

This the sweet little Betsy McCall doll that my cuz sent me after I cleaned her up a bit and washed her clothes. I'm trying to find her some shoes and socks...I got outbid on some on eBay....
This little Madame Alexander doll was in the "Tuesday Morning" store in Jackson, in the old days before the economic turn-down, she would have come home with me....she and probably at lease one more...sigh.
I bought this chair at the auction (yes I have a thing for chairs big and small) had the seat re-covered and it perfectly matches my grandmother's occasional table.

One of the wild monkey girl's   grandbaby girl's feet...I love this picture,  I'm pretty sure that I took it when they were asleep.

I bought this sewing box at the auction--I can't resist them. I only look at what is on the very top and I wait till I get home to take out everything and savor each thing.  Nothing says love to me like a sewing box or or a sewing machine...because when I was growing up, my mother made all my clothes.  Just look at those wonderful needle cards..

I also bought these pretty girls at the auction and paid very little for them.  I'm giving them a make-over now.
For somebody who does not drink, it seems that I am always buying whiskey carafes...this one is so pretty. Mine for $2.50.  On the bottom is says "liquor bottle."

I can't remember if I posted this before, It's a wicker baby basket...mine again for $2.50.
And last but not least I would like to thank Helen at Dollz and Thingz for mentioning my blog in hers. We have become great friends.  I found her through the old days on Yahoo 360, when I searched for someone who loved dolls.  Please go visit her, I promise you will be amazed--she is a very talented artist.
More later.