Sunday, May 31, 2009

Something I Miss

I was thinking about things that I miss, and the number one thing that I miss is the sound of the wind blowing through a pine thicket. There was a stand of tall pine trees behind our house. There was also a carpet of pine straw a foot thick with treasures underneath. There were all kinds of farm implements under the straw, plow shares and cotton scales to name a couple. I would kick the straw around to see what I could find. But mostly I would just find a place to sit--on the old wagon or a on log and listen to the wind blowing through the top of the trees. I haven't heard that sound in such a long time. I miss it. Maybe David can find a stand of tall pines........

Saturday, May 30, 2009

I can't count

David made this coat rack for me. The wood is left over from our floors and I ordered too many curtain holders...and I didn't want to send them back. So made this coat rack for the area next to the back door. Love it.
I didn't order enough curtains, but I ordered too many holders....go figure. I had to order extra curtains.....I still have a couple extra of these holders, any ideas?

Friday, May 29, 2009

TGIF afternoon

I know yawl probably don't care about this, but you know things rattle around in my head and I have to tell you.
3PM--Server is down at the hospital--will not be up until who knows when, have two choices--clean up my office or go home.
Duh--No brainer--go home.
Walk in house, go straight to the washing machine/dryer--start load/dry load.
Dogs are excited to see me--yip yip yap.
Take off clothes--put on old ragged gown.
Dogs are excited--yip yip yap
Turn AC fan on continuous rather than auto because--just because.
Dogs are excited--yip yip yap--they know what is coming
Turn ceiling fan in BR on high.
Turn on TV--sound on low.
Fix pillows on bed just so-head up--but not too high, neck pillow just so.
Climb into bed--say ahhh.

Dogs are happy--sit on my chest and love me--"Mommy Mommy we love you, give us some loving!"
One furbaby lies down on left shoulder with head on chest, other furbaby lies down on right shoulder with head on chest.

Think of the days when women wore fox stoles wrapped around their necks
(How could they do that?)....only I have puppies wrapped around my neck.
Stroke puppies while they "hold" me.

Feel stress of this past week pass away with each loving stroke of that silky fur. Ahhh......zzzzzzzz.
Life is good.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday morning

Our morning started out on a sad note. Our neighbor lost his dad. We went over this morning as soon as they called us. It was so very sad. David and I both can relate. We are both "orphans" since both of us have lost both our parents. My dad died when I was little and I lost my mother 3 years ago. David recently lost his parents within 3 years of each other. No matter how old you are, the loss of a parent is hard and leaves a place that never really heals. So our heart when out to our neighbors.
I took this picture of his back yard. I stood on his back porch while the soft rain misted my face and thought about what a wonderful earthly view he had enjoyed, but the view in Heaven will be much much better.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Aeropostale Score

I forgot to tell you that I found these Aeropostale shorts in a bin at the Salvation Army in great condition and David's size and drum roll..........I paid 50 cents.....and I think they sell for around $30.00!!!!
I love the Salvation Army Store.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I promise I'm not nutty. But I have always loved cemeteries....the lush green grass, the epitaphs, the peaceful calm, the angel statues, the memories.......and I love picnics.....any time I eat anything outside--it's a picnic. Sooooo, that said, #4 Gchild (5 years old) and I ate our McDonald's lunch Saturday in the cemetery. It didn't seem weird to me and it didn't seem weird to her. And she didn't ask me too many questions, she did remind me that we did not have a blanket to spread on the ground. I told her not to worry--we ate in the car with the windows down and the sun roof open.
It was the first time that she had noticed Magnolias and when she saw this tree she said, "Nonna look at the pretty flowers!" "Yes #4 that is a Magnolia and see how big it is, that means it is very very old.
I love being a cool Nonna.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

No Brainer

I have made a change, usually I don't allow myself to have fun on my day off unless I have made my house spotless. But no more, life is too short to be ruled by a house. So this morning, I slept late, got up and went junking. My first stop was in Carrollton to Coach's Antiques -- a wonderful place. That's it to the left--it houses Coach's stuff that he collects, and sells which is unbelievable--everything from movie posters to lunch boxes, there is even a refrigerator that he let them use in the movie "Brother Where Art Thou." He let them lease it but he wouldn't sell it to them.
The other pictures are of places in Greenwood that my brother and I junked--that's him in the Salvation Army Store perusing the 45s, which he collects. He knows his records.
I love the Salvation Army--I found David a pair of Aeropostle shorts for 50 cents, a hard back book, two pieces of yellow ware, an album of RCA Victrola records in what looks to be never played condition and a tarnished silver platter. All of this fun for the grand total of $13.38. This is my second tarnished silver platter--I have plans for them and when I get them fixed--I'll post a picture.
It came a big rain and a truck that was loaded with catfish turned over on the four lane right down from where we live. I didn't see it but David said there were dozens of people on the highway with coolers getting the catfish. Apparently the catfish were live and were flopping all over the roadside!! What a site that must have been.
So clean house or go junking? Hmmm that's a "No Brainer!"

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

These are pictures of our mothers. My Mama is on the left and David's is on the right. My mother is about 21 in this picture and his is about 18. These pictures hang in our bedroom. I look at them several times a day and it would just take too long to tell you all the thoughts that go rattling through my head when I look at them. But every day I think of all the many sacrifices that they made, every thing that they did has made us what we are today. We are what we are because we stood on their shoulders. Happy Mother's Day in Heaven Mary Emily and Eloise, there will always be a hole in our hearts that can never be filled until we see you again.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Things To Tell You This Morning

I'm blogging on a laptop that is covered in white dog hair--and it doesn't even faze me anymore.
I seem to accept long white dog hair as a way of life. It impossible to control--I just have to do the best I can.
Tomorrow is Mother's Day and I have been thinking about my Mama a whole lot--how much I miss her and there is an empty place in my heart that can never be filled.
My uncle is going to a wound care center now, the wound just keeps getting bigger. All this time I have thought that it was a venous stasis or possibly a arterial wound. The physician did a biopsy to rule out squamous or basil cell carcinoma. I had never thought about that. 7 signs of cancer--a wound that doesn't heal.....
I have pictures from last weekend's junktiqueing and I have been meaning to post them. I'll get to that maybe tonight. I seem to be getting interested in old tarnished silver. I bought a large tarnished platter and when I turned it over, I see "silver plate over copper." Now it is heavy and solid copper, isn't copper worth a good bit? I cleaned it up and I'm going to do something funky with it. I'll let you know.
It has rained daily and I don't mind. Everything is a lush green, the grass is almost knee high, buttttt nobody will say anything because it's too wet to cut. The yard is coming along but needs more seeding professionally done. I think that while it's wet, David should just go throw some seed out. He doesn't think so.
The dogs went out this morning and the geese came over to check them out. They barked at the geese and the geese just looked at them, it was a Mexican standoff--the geese aren't coming out of the lake and the dogs sure aren't going in the water. They will roll in the mud, but they won't get in the water.
I finished our Pandemic Flu plan and we have stepped up our surveillance in accordance with the Mississippi State Department of Health. My motto is prepare and pray. Pray it won't happen but be prepared in case it does.
My Administrator poo pooed on it. He says that we don't need it as long as we have a Disaster Plan and how many hours did I spend on it blah blah blah. He calls me a gnat swatter when I should be shooting elephants. I gave him back as good as I got. "Because the MSDH says we need one and the CDC says we need one, blah blah blah. Use to he could ruin my day, he loves to try to push my buttons and bait me. I finally learned this and give it back to him. He can only fire me, he can't kill me. After all he is the one who moved me to this position....and I'm going to do the right thing. Always.
This is my morning routine at work: go in the front door, swipe my card to get to the ED/Lab, pick up my culture reports from the lab, pick up my employee TB skin test results, say good morning to everybody as I come down the hall, unlock my door, boot up my computer, check my email, respond to any emails as needed, go to the Nurses' Desk, speak to everybody, follow up with any cultures/problems/quality issues as needed, return to my office and go to cafeteria and have grits/bacon (try to eat oatmeal--try), now here is where the rest of the story comes in--if the rest of my girlfriends aren't there yet, I have a decision to make--do I sit with guys at their table or do I sit alone at our table. Hmmm, it depends on what kind of vibes I'm getting from them. Usually we have our gaggle of girls table where we do a quick catch up and a little gossip, while we listen to the guys and roll our eyes. There is always a lot of good natured ribbing going back and forth between our two tables (oh and my husband is at this table too). We always try to one up one another. Yesterday there was teasing going on because our Administrator had gotten some kind of flyer about a helicopter pilot course, Kay who always has the best come backs set them straight. Then our table had a little conversation about how they were going to ruin Eddie our new pharmacist.....but maybe not because he is a good guy....etc. etc.
When I returned to my office, I light bulb went off in my head---I'm back in high school again!!! It's the same thing as homeroom, the guys at one table the girls at another--sometimes mixing in together--teasing each other--guys vs girls stuff.
Some things never change