Friday, February 25, 2011

A Question For Nonna

Avery:  Nonna, why does Fontanna have a teeter?
Me:  The same reason that your brother does.  Take a deep breath and hold it....hold it....hold it...
Avery: Oh.
Me:  Let breath out slowly....

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Tune In Dan's Cafe

If any of yawl are of a certain me and watched Rod Serling's Night Gallery sometime around I did and watched the I did you will remember the episode "The Tune In Dan's Cafe" I do.

And if you were an impressionable I was, you might just remember the episode quite I do.

"A weary couple destined for divorce happen on an old out of the way diner which has a creepy jukebox with a mind of its own. The couple learns the tale of the jukebox and not only is their marriage healed but an angry ghost finally wreaks his vengeance."

It seems that despite the fact that the records have been changed over and over, and despite that even the jukebox has been replaced with another one still plays the same song, over and over....which was their can be heard here.

And the story of the song can be read here.

And now you know why on a recent trip to Florida when we stopped to let the dogs take a walk and I saw this I was ready to get the heck out of there.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

AngelMc's Favorite Things

I'm sitting here with David watching the Super Bowl, not because I like football, but because I like being with him and we made a football board at work.  Each quarter somebody wins $120.00.  It's fun to see who is winning.  Yes it's gambling.
But anyway, since Oprah has her favorite things, I thought I would share some of my Favorite Things.

I love this shampoo.  I don't buy shampoo for conditioning, thickening etc.  I buy it for the scent.  And these make your hair smell wonderful.  I especially like the teatree mint.

Okay now let's see..

The above thing is the greatest thing since sliced bread when you have ceilings like this.  I went for 2 years, that's right 2 years with no light in one side of the bed room and a pitiful one on the other side.  This is the ceiling in the living room.  It would be impossible to change these without this little gadget.  David bought it about a month ago.  And I was beyond excited.  Now I have new lights in the bedroom and was able to change one in the living room.  Oh and it also has other pieces that will fit it you break off a bulb and a duster too. Sigh....
I don't know what I would do without my Swiffer WetJet. I use it constantly.  This is my third one.  I wore the other two "slap out."

Odor Ban is better than Frebreeze, Nature's Miracle or anything else I've tried, and trust me I've tried everything when you have 4 furkids living in the house with you.

 I had a light bulb moment and now their puppy pads go into this diaper genie, rather in WalMart bags.

 And again since we live with 4 furkids, I wash just about everything in hot water.  Tide is the best I have found to clean and "descent" everything.

 And of course Favorite Things would not be complete with out my babies.
 Fontana, named after Elvis' drummer--D. J. Fontana.
 Ginger-named after Elvis' last girlfriend, Ginger Alden.

Ann Margaret, named after of course Ann Margaret, one of Elvis' long time friends.

And of course, Priscilla, named after Priscilla Presley.