Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Now that we have moved I have a little longer drive to work. Maybe 5 minutes.
No big deal except for two things. I have to pull out on the highway and then drive a very short way to the cross over and get into the east bound lane. I have to be very careful because our driveway is under a hill. If you don't stop and really look, you might pull out in front of a car.

But the other thing. I drive past a truck stop and a major intersection of two 4 lane highways twice a day.
Trucks are constantly pulling into/out of the truck stop and onto one of the two four lanes.
And yesterday I realized something.....I'm playing chicken with semi trucks!! I'm in the right lane, they need to merge or pull across to the truck stop, or cross to the other four lane, they plainly see me, but they just ease right on out......and I'm thinking I'll be darned if I let them push me around.......I'm not moving just because they are a big semi truck weighing 50 million tons. No sir, I'm not moving an inch.
And by the way if I'm in the right lane and they are trying to merge, do I have to let them in?
Why are they pulling out in front of me? Just because they can. This is the rant that I was having with myself, when it occurred to me...AngelMc, you dummy, you are playing chicken with a semi truck....you can't win.....they can and will squish you......back off and let them in for goodness sake. What comfort will it be when you are in ICU saying, "yeah he may have run my butt over, but I didn't let him in."

Friday, December 5, 2008

This week so far

Thank you all for your kind wishes on my birthday. I have had a great week.
Today I feel like I have been let out of prison. The Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) recertification that has been hanging over my head for the last few months is over with and I passed!! Yea me. I was worried because I just haven't had the time to study. So I took off work early yesterday and studied. And when I got to work I was so stressed out. But the teacher was great, he made it fun and we learned a lot. For the first time since I first took it in '85 it was actually fun. The American Heart Association--bless 'em--keep changing how things are done when a person arrests. And when you have done something in a certain way for years, it is hard to get your head around that change. But they spend a lot of money on research to figure out the best way to resuscitate someone. I have been a nurse now for 33 years and I don't know why I let things like this get to me. There is just something about being put on the spot in front of your peers.
Last night Avery (#4 gchild) had a solo in her school's Christmas play. She sang "Happy Birthday Jesus", which kinda came out like this Happy Birthday JEE-SUSS, I'm so glad it's KRIS-MUSS. It was so cute, but I had to leave early to get back to studying and missed dinner at the Mexican Restaurant.......but remember I passed!!
We are moving tomorrow. David has told me that he is moving tomorrow with me or without me. I don't know why I keep dragging my feet. But now that ACLS is not hanging over my head I feel better. So tomorrow night we will be sleeping in the new house.
Oh and Direct TV can't install until the 23rd. Do you think we can make it that long without TV? And no internet until Monday. I'm getting a wireless card, 'cause there is no DSL where we are moving. I can read a book and entertain myself but David.....I don't know what he will do......fish maybe.
Saw my urologist Wednesday and the stone has shrunk form 10.6 mm to 0.8mm, but I still can't pass it and will need to repeat the lithotripsy. I told him that even though I'm in 100% pay now with my insurance, I just can't be put to sleep again right now. That would be 4 times in 4 months. I'm going to try to wait till February.
David just called renters of house #4, seems they have been gone for 2 weeks and left the key on the kitchen counter. They said that they had tried to call us and couldn't get us. Impossible, we both work at the hospital and one of us always there except for every other weekend. Plus we are in the book..and they haven't been on caller ID. Now houses #3 and #4 are both empty. Not good. Not good.
I'm almost done with my Christmas shopping. The gkids are only getting one small toy and the other presents will be clothes except for Avery who is getting a new bed spread and sheets. The big kids have told me what they want and I have gotten that. David and I are getting each other the new house. My uncle...hmmm I don't know. I'm going to tell my friends not to get me anything....unless they want to drop a few coins in the Salvation Army bucket and just say my name.
Oh and one more thing, I lost my glasses again and Ginger (the youngest furbaby)--kindly found them and brought them to me minus an ear piece but according to the glasses lady can easily be replaced.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

PTL I found 'em

I am so very happy. Why? Well the main reason is that I found my glasses. $243.00 worth of glasses. Reading glasses at that, with a Sarah Palin vibe. I had an eye check-up and bought glasses with the hope that I would keep them on all the time, therefore they would pay for themselves, since in the last few years I have probably lost/broken a good hundred pair. My favorites were the ones that I bought at the dollar tree for of course a dollar each.
My co-workers bet that I wouldn't have these a month, but I have beat that, it's just that I had put them behind a book on my night stand and haven't been able to find them for about a week now. I was hoping that they would magically reappear. I was just about to blog about them and ask if anyone was clairvoyant.....even though I don't believe in that stuff I was getting desperate....and PTL I found them.

It might snow in Mississippi

David just told me the news!!! It's supposed to snow tonight!! In Middle Mississippi! And I'm not on call!! The stars just might be lining up. Oh please please please let it snow.
The new furniture is in the house, and it looks gorgeous. The only thing is that when I come home it makes this house look so dowdy. It makes me understand why it hasn't sold. Maybe we can rent. I will not worry. I will not worry. Everything will work out. I know it will.
David has been out there this morning cleaning up. I have been doing housework here and working on our rental property accounting.
Did anybody know that carpenters/electricians/plumbers/painters/etc. are messy? If they drop it they leave it. David, God bless him has done 99% of the clean up. There was putty in the tubs, spackle everywhere, sheet rock mud......you name it.
Maybe later we can sit in the living room and look out on the lake as it snows.....in our little piece of paradise.
okay, so i didn't finish the story, well i kinda did in my head and i haven't posted in over a year. i'm going to start posting copies of my yahoo blog here. and i have already started two other short stories that i haven't finished. that's so typical of me.