Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Dog Whisperer

A dog whisperer came to our house yesterday. We can't seem to get CiCi and GinGin trained. I knew it was going to be all our fault and of course it is. I knew that GinGin had a few problems--I call it skittish and sensitive, but the dog whisperer said she is neurotic and's my fault.
Seems when I comfort her, I'm reinforcing her anxiety.
We learned a whole lot of stuff and we are trying our best to do what she said. She came in and took charge just like Cesar does. Everything she said is based on pack behavior. I'm sure she is correct and we are making the changes that she has said........well we are supposed to not let them in the bed with us for two weeks at least until we establish the fact with them that we are the alpha male and alpha female. Then we can invite them into the bed, up on the couch etc. because these are our spaces.
When we get the two crates then we will start having them sleep in there rather in the bed with us.
I can already see changes in them from just a few simple changes we have made.
I'll let you know how it turns out. (I wonder if it will work on David?)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

More pictures from the weekend ride in the country

When we were out riding around at the ends of the earth Saturday, I saw this and my heart jumped in my chest. Yes it is a storm cellar dug into the side of a hill on the road side.
David rode by and I asked him sweetly to please go back so that I could get a picture. At first he said no and then I sweetly explained that maybe some of my friends up north and out west were not familiar with these types of storm cellars.
I spent a whole lot of time during my youth sitting in a storm cellar just like this--dug into the side of hill on the road. Just let it "come up a cloud" and here we would go to Uncle Leslie's storm cellar. We would sit for what seemed like hours on small benches that lined the sides and back. And we had to sit with our feet on boards, because it leaked and there was always water in the bottom, so that you had to step on the board and make sure that you didn't step off of those boards into the cold black water. There was at times mention of snakes......but I won't even go there.
There was a small hole in the door that Uncle Leslie could look out and keep us apprised of how the storm was progressing. Then when the storm blew over we would all go home. I remember Uncle Leslie and Aunt Ruth, Aunt Brucie and Uncle Barney--although in later years, he wouldn't come and Aunt Brucie would leave him at home and come by herself. There would be other neighbors in there, but I can't remember who they were. I remember that sometimes people would bring their dogs and Uncle Leslie would not let them bring their dogs in because "dogs attract lightening." It was some years before I realized how ridiculous this was. We eventually quit going even before we moved into our new house. I think Mama just decided if we were going to be blown away........well we were going to just be going to be blown away.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

More pictures from the road

This old house just fascinated me. Look at the contrast of colors--from the rusty red tin roof to the faded white wash. And not only was it visually appealing.....but the wind was blowing and that middle piece of tin was making a creepy screechy noise. I could have stood there for a while and just took it in, but David was being gracious by stopping and giving me a chance to take all the pictures that I wanted, so I didn't want to push my luck. My husband does his best to try to understand me. I would have loved to peak inside, but I'm not one for trespassing. Especially when it is right off the road.

This old house was less than a mile away from the previous one. And the roof was droopy on both ends, kinda making it look like an upside down boat. It was out in the middle of a field and only a little ways down the road is a mansion. And I do mean mansion, sitting back on a hill. I wish I had taken a picture of it, but the owner rode up in his rhino, and I explained what we were doing. He was nice, but I got the feeling he felt we might be up to no good. Although we never trespassed. He said he thought we might need help. His accent made me think that he is not a native Mississippian. And it was kinda strange seeing this huge house out in the middle of nowhere juxtaposed to those dilapidated houses. I complimented him on his beautiful home and he told me "yes it is a nice spread."
More pictures tomorrow.

Monday, February 23, 2009

This past weekend, I got up early both days and went straight to the computer and worked on the taxes. Normally I don't do anything until the house is clean and tidy. But David wouldn't let me. He made me work on the taxes and I let the house go. Since he has had surgery on his elbow, he is very limited to what he can do. But he did dust mop the floors and got up a good deal of the dog hair. But back to the taxes, I keep ledgers on our rental property and I had them up to date until September, so it could have been much worse. Nevertheless, I worked on them till around 3 Saturday and also the same time Sunday. At that time, I convinced David to allow me to take a break and we went riding in the country. You would think that since we have lived around here all our lives that there wouldn't be anything within 20 to 30 miles that we had not seen. Not so. We went south and made a circle. I was delighted at the old dilapidated houses that I saw. But I forgot my camera, so I convinced him to take the same trip Sunday and this one of the shots that I took.
These two old cars just fascinated me. I took these shots from the road. They are in a side yard. I wanted to go up to the house and ask permission to get a closer look, but I knew David would not go for that. They look like 1940s Chevys to me, but I know very little about old cars. I can't help wonder are they original to the home place? Or were they to be fixed up and then that just didn't happen?
I'll post more tomorrow.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Things I hide from my husband

Things I hide from husband:
Coffee cups
My Garden snippers
My Pens
Steak knives
My binoculars
My house shoes
My hammer
My screwdrivers
20 dollar bills
Lighters for candles


Tuesday, February 17, 2009


One of my favorite craft blogs, The Crafty Crow is sponsoring a giveaway. The link is here
Take a look around--it is full of wonderful crafts for children.

I read all kinds of blogs, my favorite ones are ones that are craft blogs, doll blogs and medical blogs. I love to watch TV and read or write in my blog.

I was thinking that my need to record my daily thoughts and goings on is genetic. My great great grandmother Celia Peeples Bailey wrote in her diary back in the early 1800's. It was photographed and then transcribed by my uncle many years ago. If not for him it would be gone forever because it was lost in a house fire shortly after. If you would like to read it click here
That is a picture of her tombstone above.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Things To Tell You

Things I'm thinking about:
Martha Stewart says she only sleeps 4 hours a night and she thinks while she sleeps---talk about multi-tasking....
I'm trying to accomplish one or two things on my "do list" per day. For instance today I did mine and my uncle's grocery shopping. And I got the ceramic cat that I have been hauling around for 3 weeks out of my car and nestled her in the pine straw outside the front door. From the road in front of the house she looks real. Just marking off one or two things makes me feel better.
We are using LPG gas (is that redundant?) as one of my friend at work says "like 40 going north", had 100 more gallons delivered today--$265.00. Natural gas in town is much much cheaper. Ah life in the country.
Made pimento and cheese for pimento and cheese sandwiches. Is this something Southern? Or do my friends up North and out West make this?
It's a mixture of shredded cheddar, cream cheese, pimento peppers and mayonnaise. We love it down here in MS.
Both dogs are going into heat. The next door neighbor's dog is not fixed. But he did get his underground shock fence fixed, now we need to get one as well. We are going to get one of those wireless ones.
I know I need to get the dogs spayed, but I just can't bear the idea of them being put to sleep. My vet tells me it needs to be done pretty soon to keep them from getting an infection. I'm going to do it this year.
I love to dip fruit in chocolate. It's about the only way I will eat it (fruit that is--certainly not chocolate). So now I'm going to go and open a can of pineapple, heat up some almond bark and........dip.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Another weekend has come and gone. All the washing/drying/folding/putting up is almost all done. The house is straight and tidy. Sheets have been changed on the bed, dishes have been washed and put up, deer horns have been hung in the dining room (more on this later--I think they look kinda cool in there), more curtain rods/rings/sheers/and a bed skirt have been ordered, a box has been emptied, carpets have been vacuumed, tile floors have been mopped, wood floors have been polished, gkids and furkids have been played with and loved. Beds have been tee teed in and sheets stripped again and washed again with Nature's Miracle used on the mattress (thanks #5), carpets have been cleaned with Nature's Miracle (thanks CiCi & GinGin). Tubs and showers have been scrubbed.

The outside front of the house has been landscaped and it looks wonderful.
Now all I have to do is "enjoy the remains of the day" or weekend until tomorrow when every thing starts all over.
I was thinking that we probably have another 6 months to a year before all the t's will be crossed and i's dotted and the house will be completely "finished." And it hit me, this is almost the same as living in our old never get through
As some of you know, I love old license plates == click here
and I have a couple that I couldn't figure out what to do with them. I decided to put some self stick felt on the back of them and use them as coasters in the bedroom. Pictures above.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Stuff to tell you

The other day I was chatting on the phone with my friend Mitzi and I had a red highlighter in my hand. And I thought hmmm, if I mark on my glasses with this--I'll have rose colored glasses. And I did it, and when I tried to rub it off with my finger--it wouldn't budge. And then I licked my finger and rubbed it--and it still wouldn't rub off, by this time I'm thinking uh oh. A $434.00 pair of glasses.........I told Mitzi to hold on a minute and I jumped up, put some soap and water on the lenses and it washed off. Whooo---close one. Impulsive?

I took CiCi to the vet and he pulled a back tooth that was loose. I couldn't hold her still long enough to get it myself. Yes yes I saved the tooth. And I've been thinking about what tooth fairies for puppies look like. Where should I put the tooth? Under my pillow? Under the puppy bed? I sure could use the money for puppy treats.........and stuff. (Picture above--I believe it was the upper Premolar #4)

David is bored out of his gourd. He did help cook supper tonight, but he is ready to return to work tomorrow. I just listen--I'm going to let the doctor handle him.

Despite everything, I turned the AC on in my car the other day. Run the heat one day and the AC the next. Crazy. But I tried not to do it. I really did.

I'm reading one of the best books I've read in a while--Edgar Sawtelle. It is my choice for book club this month. It has everything--dogs, a teenager, a mystery, strange and wonderful characters. I wake up every morning wondering what Edgar is up to.


Saturday, February 7, 2009

This past week

I know I know I have been away for over a week. But let me explain.
Monday: Usual as Monday's go---finally had physical therapy on my upper back. I had almost gotten to the place where I couldn't pick up my purse. I think I messed up something in there when we moved. Deep heat and massage--helped a lot.
Tuesday: More PT--feeling better, although by the end of the day-I'm miserable and grumpy from the constant low grade ache in my upper back. Makes me understand how some people with chronic pain are not nice people.
Wednesday: At hospital at 6AM with David. He had outpatient surgery on his elbow--his doctor scraped the bone--removed the spur, drained the fluid in the bursa and maybe worked on the tendons. Won't know everything until his appointment the 18th. He was in pain and of course sick at his stomach. He did really well especially for someone who has never had surgery. They couldn't intubate him again. Even with the video laryngoscope. The anesthesiologist told him that he must get a bracelet to wear. EMTs/Paramedics are going t0 think that he is intubated and he won't be. We were home by 11:30. I swear pretty soon they will have you log on to a website and give you your instructions to do your surgery yourself. You will of course have to order the instruments beforehand.
And I'm not making this up--I was on the phone to AT&T from 6:30 till 9:30 trying to get my "air card" to work. They finally decided it was a dud and I was put through to warranty and cut off 3 times. I was patient and kind. I understand that everything is a process.
Thursday: Took the day off to be with David and help him. His left arm is in a c splint type of cast. He is in a lot of pain. He says that in never gets under a 5 on a scale of 1 to 10. And sometimes it is a 10. However, he wasn't in so much pain that it prevented him from booking a hunting trip to Idaho this October. And he actually asked me if I wanted to go. (He has never let me before) I said yes and so I'm going to go to the lodge and hang out while he hunts. We will be close to Yellowstone. I'm excited. Thank you Percocet. (I think he was high on his pain medicine Percocet when he asked me to go with him.) Started washing clothes and the hot water heater started giving an error code. Seems we have run out of butane again!!! Oh my gosh--we are using this stuff like water!!!! The thermostat is going to go down to 67 and stay there.
Friday: Back to work, more PT and for the first time in weeks my upper back is not hurting. Thank you my therapist!! #4 was supposed to spend the night, but tricked me in to calling her Mama-who then came to get her. #5 had his adenoids removed, tubes put back in his ears and a PIC line inserted for IV antibiotics, which will be started when the cultures come back. He has had a tough time with his sinuses. And he is only 3 years old. Got my "air card" in and am back on line.
Today: David is some better, but still tired and sleeping a lot. He thought he could drive in to town, but found out really quick he wasn't as strong has he thought. It is beautiful outside. The temperature is somewhere in the 60's. With all the snow and ice my neighbors to the north have had, I feel guilty wishing it was 30 and snowing here........but I suppose spring is on the will save on the heating bill.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

How can two little dogs that their combined weight is less that 10 pounds shed enough hair to make another one just like them?
How did that dog hair get on top of the lamp shade?
How can two little furbabies, as the song says, make me feel so safe, so sane and so secure? And feel soooooooo loved? And like I'm the most important thing in the world?
Avery told me that there is an apple under the bed, with bites out of it and that Bryce put it under there last weekend. Hmmm.
While we were in the Mexican restaurant, Avery reported to her Mama (with a sly sideways look at me) that "Nonna is still gassy". I heard the people in the next booth snickering.
Hamburger Helper spaghetti may not be gourmet, but gosh it was quick and tasted good for supper last night.
I can actually park my car in the garage now. The other half is still full of stuff, but it is more organized & dejunked.
Need to go vacuum and tidy the house.......tomorrow is Monday......and tonight is the Super Bowl.