Friday, July 30, 2010

Most Times When My Uncle (Who Is In The Nursing Home)

tells me things, like...well for instance, he has a small refrigerator in his room and the nurses put a thermometer in there to make sure that the temperature stays at a certain level.  They also have to document this, so they come in and check it quite often.  So the other day he told me "they say they are coming in here to check the temperature, but I know different, they are checking to see if I have any beer in here."  I don't even argue with him...
And, "I saw this man walking up and down the hall today, they said he was an inspector from the state, but I know better, he's from the CIA."  Sigh.
I promise you my uncle does not have a dementia problem, he just gets funny ideas.
So when he told me today that the therapist told him that he had left 2 horses out side and he surmised that he had probably rode one to the Nursing Home and the other horse was probably tethered to the first horse...I just said....yeah...because this is what I saw when I drove up.

The only thing is that he didn't ride the horse to the Nursing Home, he did have a trailer and he did have two horses, the other one is behind the trailer.
Only in Mississippi....

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

People Watching

I love to people watch.  I love to ride by houses and look at yards whether they are immaculately kept or uhhh junky.  I'm fascinated by people and where/how they live.  I drive David crazy when we are out in public and he catches me staring.  I don't mean to be noisy, I'm seriously interested in people.  I just want to know why, what, when, where...etc.  Just because I'm fascinated.  I love getting to know you.  Where are you from?  Who's your folks?  Are you kin to so and so?
Soooo when I saw this older gentleman in the parking lot of McDonald's the other day and I nearly rear-ended the guy in front of me and I stared and did a 180 in my seat and I really wanted to stop the car and take his picture, I absolutely was not being snarky.
You see he had the most amazing hair.  I first thought gosh look at that old dude with the Mohawk. The hair on the top of his head was curly and reddish, but when I looked closer he had hair over his ears but it was gray and slicked back...and I though ohhh cool, he has an ole fashioned duck tale.  But no!! It was slicked back and then combed up with the rest of the lower part of his hair on the back of his head.  And that was what made him have hair on the top.......yep a comb up. 
And I swear I wasn't being snarky.  It was just amazing. How in the world did he get it to stay up there like that?  I sooo wanted a picture.  And if I could have gotten away with it, I would have taken one.  To post here.  Would that be wrong?
I googled comb up, but couldn't find anything,  But I did find this when I googled comb over...and this is the closest thing that I could find.

Now I'm starting to think that maybe the heat down here has made me a little crazy.........'cause this is what has been "Rattling Around In My Head."

Sunday, July 18, 2010

As It Turns Out

David is quite the baker/dessert maker.  A couple of months ago he won 2nd and 3rd place in the hospital dessert contest.
So when our church had a men's cake contest he was up for the challenge.
He made a blueberry-almond upside down cake.  This is the picture that was in Taste magazine.

The original recipe called for blackberries, but there were no fresh blackberries to be found so he substituted blueberries.  This is what his cake looked like.

Isn't it pretty?  (You may notice that it is on my Fire King Flora Gold platter.)  And it tasted delicious.  It was from scratch.  And he won most creative.  There were over 25 entries.

Then our daughter-in-law wanted a lemon pound cake.  He made that too.  From scratch.  I didn't get a piece, but she said it was very good.  I didn't get a picture,  but it turned out pretty too.

 Oh and this is a picture of the kitchen aftermath from the pound cake.  He did clean it up though...

The only cake I ever made from scratch was a dud.  It was a Coca Cola cake, with coke in the cake, and in the icing.  It was an heirloom recipe given a whole page and a story in Southern Living magazine.  It was nasty.  It was terrible...anyway that's another story.
My husband--Ace of Cakes...

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Conversation With The Puppies

CiCi and GinGin: Mommy?
Me:  What?
We need to talk to you about something.
Now what?  Is it Avery again?
No. No.
Well then what is it?
We noticed that you haven't been cleaning the house like you usually do.
What do you mean?
There are towels in the bathroom floor, all those Lego and block things are still in the floor in the back bedroom that #7 didn't pick up last night, there are clothes in the laundry room that need folding and putting up, the house is dusty and the floors need mopping.  And of course our puppy hair is everywhere 'cause you haven't vacuumed this week.  And we were wondering if you were okay.
I'm fine.  I just decided to goof off this weekend...and last weekend...and this week.  People are more important that cleaning.
And oh yeah by the way, before Daddy and I left for church this morning yawl were lazing there in the bed and I asked yawl to help out some.  Remember?  I asked yawl if you could just fold/put up the clothes and empty the dishwasher.  And you looked at me with that sweet puppy look on your faces that melts my heart.
Yeah....we know...we are good aren't we?

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Things I Bought At The Auction III

Honestly for the $37.45 that I spent for 4 hours of entertainment Saturday, I truly think that I got my money's worth.  It's the thrill of the hunt, the thrill of the battle and of course the triumph when you do win the item.
For instance, as of late I have found myself fascinated/craving silver plate.  This beauty was a surprise when the auctioneer held it up. It's huge, has gorgeous edging and handles and is footed.

The initials in the middle are CAM...mine are AJM....and it polished up to a beautiful shine.  I love it.  Oh and the guy who is a dealer and was bidding against me, said oh I didn't know you were bidding on it...I have gotten to be friends with a lot of the regulars......I flipped it over, looked at him and said these magic words--"it's Gorham."  Mine for $12.50!!!!

This is a large vintage sewing basked, stuffed to overflowing with all kinds of vintage goodies--wooden spools with silk thread, bobbins, machine parts, needles.....I haven't even looked at all the stuff in the bottom yet.

 Mine for $5.00

I love this amber glass coffee what if I can't get the lid off...Mine for $2.50!!

This little tea cup has Made in China on the bottom and all that gold all over it. I knew it was going home with me.  Mine for $2.50.

I thought that I had sworn off vintage purses, until I saw this beauty. sighing very very deeply...Mine for $2.50...
All in all it was a very good day... I can't wait until the first Saturday in August.