Saturday, December 31, 2011

I Actually Made Something

I bought this tomato spoon/server months ago at the auction.  It was with a whole bunch of silver plate stuff that I eventually polished and now use.  When I saw it I knew that I was going to make a pendant out of it.
Soooooo, the other night, I got out my hammer (I keep it hid from David) put the spoon between several layers of newspaper and beat it till it was flat.  This was simple as it was only very slightly turned up.
Then I bent it, which was fairly easy as I only had to use my hands. And voila!! I slipped it over this chocker.
And, I wore it to work the next day and received several complements.  I really should have made the bale a little higher and flatter......but at least it's laying on the kitchen counter anymore.

Friday, December 30, 2011

It's Not Christmas Unless The Ambulance Comes

Me/daughter/DIL each had a glass of white in our hand when the ambulance got there.
1: Bottle of white wine

1: seizure—BIL
1: ambulance
7: wild monkeys
8: (semi) adults
1: tree with lights only (it fell earlier in the week and we never put the ornaments back on)
3: dozen+ presents
1: ham-spiral cut
6: side dishes
1: lava lamp dropped and broken (well almost—it still doesn’t work right)

1: car stuck in the front yard that David had to pull out with the tractor—(this happened before BIL had the seizure thank goodness)
1: air mattress (thank you Kay)
9: time I went to bed (mellow) and left everybody up arguing with the wild monkeys about the sleeping arrangements.
2: couch sleepers
3: air mattress sleepers
2: with mama/daddy sleepers
2: time I got up and 3 of the wild monkeys were up eating a ham sandwich
3: time BIL was caught outside sneaking a cigarette
So you see it makes sense what I told someone you don’t have to be tipsy to enjoy a "Rattle" Christmas, but it helps.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Hi everybody.  You remember that I killed my laptop, which is what I used for all my blogging.  And I have yet to get a new one.  I almost did, but that is another story.  And until I get a new laptop, my blogging will still be sporadic.  But I wanted to let you know that I keep up with your posts on my iPhone and that I wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas.  And share with you a little Christmas "rattles"
First of all, we bought a gorgeous tree from a local grower...finally got it up, where it stayed undecorated for several days.
Then David decorated it and it was beautiful...see: 9 feet tall and awaiting the angel on top.
 Then while I was in the shower, and David was watching TV....

It is back up, but we haven't put the decorations back on.  And it's Christmas Eve.  But one of the wild monkeys has been very sick and in the hospital, so we have just not redecorated it....Hopefully the wild monkey will get to come home tonight or tomorrow and we can have our celebration.
As I was frantically cleaning house, trying to decorate the outside, decorated the inside.......I thought, you know trees, ornaments, ceramic Santas, wreathes, parties, on and on.......Christmas is still all about Him.  And it will come without all the trappings.  Let Jesus be praised..let me worry more about my worship of Him rather than decorations and shopping.
Now that said, I leave you with a favorite picture.

'Twas the day before the night before Christmas, and in the McCaulla house, the puppies were sleeping on top of the couch......