Saturday, January 31, 2009

I'm smiling as I write this. The sun is shining on the lake making it a beautiful blue. Avery is outside with her PapPaw (he just arrived after an early morning hunting trip) She has on a pair of short shorts, boots and her hooded coat. That is the way it is in Middle Mississippi with the weather. Short shorts, boots and coats. My sister-in-law sent us pictures from Kentucky--they got the ice and snow. It looked like a fairy tale world to me. But I'm sure that the fairy tale would wear off after a few days of no water.....I can't make it without water. Avery is a tattle tail, she just had to tell PapPaw that the furbabies pooped in the bathroom and she stepped in it.........even though I told her not to. Davis is getting ready to clean out the garage so I better go.........!!!!!!! I been after him to do this for a month...... Morelater--AngelMc

Saturday, January 24, 2009

It is a testosterone festival around here, son and friend are spending the weekend for duck hunting, son-in-law is on the way, evidently there are plans under foot for them to watch one of those extreme kick boxing/fighting things.
My son is cooking the duck with rice. I will sample it but that is all. I am not one for any kind of wild game.
I am holed up in the bedroom, I have done nothing except a little light housekeeping,
I have spent just about the whole day watching the Bravo channel--anything you need to know about the housewives of Orange County--I can tell you. I finished reading my book club book--"The Sugar Queen." It was quite sweet and I enjoyed it. It will be my time to host next month.

Friday, January 23, 2009

I love Friday. Friday after work, I come home and go straight to the couch or prop up in the bed, blog, watch TV. I don't cook, clean or do anything. Sometimes we go out to eat. Sometimes we eat a sandwich. But I mostly vegetate.
David works tomorrow, so I have the house to myself the weekend....except that David Jr. and a friend are coming to spend the weekend and duck hunt. No not duck hunt on our lake, but at Grenada lake, which is the biggest lake in MS. But I don't expect them to be in my hair, because duck hunters are on the lake at 4AM.
I have no special plans for the weekend. I really need to work on the taxes.....I must work on the taxes......I must work on the taxes......I must work on the taxes.
I'm watching Martha Stewart and Sigourney Weaver make couscous. Hmmm.
I'm planning on making a donut pudding that I found today in Best of the Best Bell's cookbook. It sounds like an old fashioned butter roll--only made with donuts. I'll let you know how it turns out. I also found a recipe for a scalloped salmon casserole---I love salmon croquettes---and this sounds like something similar. So can you see the difference between a good old Mississippi cook and a Martha cook?
I just realized that I have lost the eye pieces on my glasses again. I dropped them a minute ago......but I don't think that did it....I think the dogs ate them again.
We finally have renters for two of our houses that have been empty for several months....thank goodness. 1 empty rental house is bad, 2 empty rental houses is a crisis.
Did I mention that I got a Sony ebook for Christmas? I love it! I'm reading the Sugar Queen on it now. When I pull it out in public and start reading, I don't feel like a nerd with a book.......I feel like a nerd with a high tech book.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ah beautiful beautiful Sunday...remember that song? The sun is sparkling on the lake, and the temperature is 59 degrees. I'm in my favorite spot, propped up in the bed, watching TV, and blogging. David is in the other bedroom taking a nap before he goes back hunting. David Jr. and Amanda are on their way to spend the night. Barbecue chicken is in the crock pot. Life is good.
If any of you are tired of hearing about Avery, please forgive me, but their are people at work who ask me about the latest Averyisms.
So here is the latest.

Her Mama grew up in beauty pageants and has innumerable crowns and trophies. So needless to say Avery was in the Fairest of the Fair pageant last night. She didn't win, but she did get a trophy for best interview. Gosh,I would loved to have been a fly on the wall and hear what she said to those judges. She looked so precious and she did really good when she came out on stage. I was holding my breath, 'cause there is never any telling what she is going to do. Anyway, I had let my breath out, when the judges called all of her age group back out and they all stood in a line. All of a sudden, she took her glasses off. David and I were sitting down front David said, "Avery put your glasses back on." And she said, "Nooo, I want them to see my pretty brown eyes." She then turned and handed her glasses to one of the girls on the stage. Bless her sweet heart. I doubt she will ever be without her glasses, unless in a few more years the technology exists to help her since her left eye crosses. Pictures above.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Avery and CiCi

The weekend is here and I'm beside myself with anticipation. Anticipation of sleeping late, doing a little housekeeping and then working on the taxes. But I hope to mainly just chill.
I have told my beloved David, we must make a dent in the boxes in the garage. With this cold weather it is crazy for us to be parking outside.
Avery (#4) grandchild spent the night Tuesday night. She is now almost 5, and she called me on the phone and asked if she could spend the night, I told her no, not until either tonight or tomorrow night. Well, according to David who was with her at the time, and I quote directly--"she threw down." Cried with tears dripping down her cheeks--honestly Susan Lucci couldn't do any better. Anyway, of course David brought her home, and of course she slept with me and of course she kept me up all night. You might wake up with her foot in your mouth, I swear she is such a restless sleeper.
Anyway, we got up Wednesday morning, and I was dragging. And this is some of our conversations.
Me: Avery, do you love Nonna?
Avery: Yes, but I love CiCi and Ginger the most.
Me: Somehow that doesn't surprise me.
We of course are late and I can't find my glasses. I am positive I left them on the nightstand. After frantically looking all over, it occurred to me that Ginger probably got them off the nightstand and had hid them under the bed.
Me: Avery look under the bed and see if you see Nonna's glasses. Do you see them?
Avery: No.
Me: Avery put your glasses on, look under the bed and see if you see Nonna's glasses. Do you see them?
Avery: No.
Me: Avery get a flashlight, look under the bed and see if you see Nonna's glasses. Do you see them:
Avery: No.
I lie flat on my stomach, look under the bed and and see my glasses and of course they are just out of my reach.
Me: Avery see if you can reach Nonna's glasses. Can you reach them?
Avery: (lying beside me) No.
I get the flashlight and manage to move them just enough to get my hands on them.
We were about 5 minutes late.......The picture above is Avery and CiCi at the dogshow last night. The received a ribbon for third place in "Most well behaved." Hmmm

Monday, January 12, 2009

A Bathroom With A View

Monday Monday......busy busy. I didn't make my deadline for our usual other words, I was supposed to get the agenda out today, but it seemed that everything was just pushing my hands away. Anyway, I'll get it out tomorrow.
Yesterday morning, I had just gotten out of the shower getting ready to go to church, when I looked on the bed and saw Ginger eating one of my lactaide tablets. She had gotten the bottle out of my purse and I guess the lid wasn't on tight, and there you have it. I had placed my purse on the bed. She and CiCi are very interested in anything that is mine. And my purse is very very interesting. So I called the Vet School at Mississippi State and they felt that it would probably be okay, but just in case gave me the number for pet poison control, which I called (charge of $35.00 to your credit card) and the lady was very very nice helpful. She reassured me that it would be okay and what to watch for. Soooo, I didn't go to church and then stayed home the rest of the day and worked around the house.
It seems that since we have moved here and I can see the lake from just about every window in the house, I have become obsessed with which way the wind is blowing since I can see the ripples on the water. I'm constantly saying hmmm, the wind is from the east, hmmm the wind is from the west....hmmm the wind is out of the north.....and only rarely do I see the water rippling from the south. I'm still amazed at the stars and the moon and the clouds and the trees and the birds and the deer and the ducks and the geese. You would think that I never lived in the country. Picture above is the view from the bathroom, one of the corner windows. And no we don't have curtains yet...but no neighbors on this side...and we bathe in the dark!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

This has been a great week. I took the day off yesterday and cleaned up my house and caught up with the washing. Now I have the whole day to……work on our accounts, pay bills, balance check books and maybe, just maybe, deal with a few of those boxes that are stuffed in the closets and in the garage.

Right now I’m watching “Fashion in Film”, blogging, reading the book “Twilight” and I just finished my buttered biscuit…….well my two buttered biscuits……no coffee this morning—sipping on Diet Coke. The puppy girls are right here with me.

I may take a shower and go back to bed with my book……..whatever the whole day is mine. I did that for a little while yesterday morning. I was lying in bed with my book, gazing out the bedroom window at the ducks on the lake and the puppy girls were cuddled on top of me. And I was thinking, how great is this? I felt so comfortable, so cozy and so at home.

I am really enjoying this new house. I have to admit, I had my doubts because it was such a transition and struggle……finishing, moving, closing with the bank. But it was all worth it.

I have ordered sheers for all of the windows except for the dinning room and I think I’m going to put roman shades in there. The last thing will be to finish unpacking those boxes and either putting stuff in the attic or up for a garage sale. Again, I knew I had some stuff, but honestly—it is embarrassing. Also we need to put up the pictures. David needs to finish the deck and there are a few other things that need finishing—the entertainment center, some toe molding needs putting down, the microwave needs mounting under the cabinets, oh and my doll cabinet has got to be finished. Hmmm seems like more stuff than I thought.

Have I told you that I am in love with my dishwasher? I give her a little kiss every now and then. I have totally quit the paper/Styrofoam plate thing. We eat everything off of the fine everyday china. (Royal Doulton--"Ting" above--love it because the pattern is embossed into all the pieces) Am I helping the environment as well? And doesn’t a dishwasher use less water than washing/rinsing in the sink?

I’m constantly turning on and turning off the lights. I’m trying to keep the electric bill down. But I wonder what the neighbors think……..when they seen the lights going on and off all the time.


Sunday, January 4, 2009

I started the new year out right. I went to church this morning. I have not been going lately. I have no real excuse. So since we moved, I decided to go to a small church in the country and I really enjoyed it.
The sermon was about how we all have a rebellious nature....and about our complacency when things are really good---it hit me right where I live, because God has been so good to me and my family, the very very least that I can do is go to His house on Sunday.
We didn't get our house sold, but we do have a renter. He and his son moved in yesterday. They wanted all of the furniture that we left behind as well as the washing machine, dryer, refrigerator and stove.
It was sort of strange walking around it our old house with it empty, but I have to say I really don't miss it because I am enjoying this house so much.
The scenery here is so amazing. Earlier today their was a solitary duck on the lake and he was swimming along and I noticed the little wake behind him. And then it started to rain so very gently and every drop made tiny circles in the water..............

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Two of my gkids spent the night with us last night. They slept with me. Yes they slept and I napped. I might have slept 4 hours. We were all up bright and early at 5:15 and we have been wide open ever since.
I washed/dried/did not fold nor put up our clothes/vacuumed half the house/cleaned up the kitchen/worked on our accounts/called tech support and fixed the wireless card for the PC and the main thing--played referee for a 5 year old and a 10 year old. I also tried to protect the fur babies from being loved too hard.
So now the house is fairly straight (not counting the dozen boxes that still need to be put up), the kids are gone, I'm kicked back blogging, watching a show about prisons, soon I'll go take a shower and hit the bed. Life is good.