Sunday, November 7, 2010

Things I Bought At The Auction IV

The only thing that I really do for just myself and the only time I ever leave the house messy on a Saturday is the first Saturday of every month.  That is the day of the local auction.  I only miss it when we are out of town or I am sick.
I check out the website before I go and look at the pictures.  That is the time I decide on the things that are coming home with me.  No matter what. I do have my set point...but if it is a certain thing that I need it is most definitely coming home with me.
Case in point. The glasses that match my every day china are Fostoria Virgina in the color brown. I have 8 but that of course is not enough at Thanksgiving or any other family get together.  And we wind up drinking out of plastic cups--which is just not right.  I have been trying to complete the set now for a couple of years.  I find them on eBay and have found some pretty reasonable prices...but the shipping is always prohibitive.  So imagine my joy/excitement/etc. when I saw 16---yep count 'em 16 on the auction website.
Long story short--I got 'em for 20 bucks!!! Whoopie! Yeah! And so on. Now I have 24.  That's right 24.  I probably could have waited until the auctioneer went down to $15.00 or maybe even $10.00, but sometimes that starts a bidding war.......nobody but me bid on them.  So I figure I did really well.  I got about $160.00 worth of glasses for $20.00. I will be patting myself on the back for the next few days.
The other thing that made me happy was this almost complete set of Oneidacraft stainless set--Lasting Rose.  It is service for 12, 3 of the knives are missing and a couple of the forks, but everything else is there--the serving pieces-butter knife, sugar spoon, pickle fork, cold meat fork--you name it.  All in the original plastic holder.  Now here's the thing, flatware is like socks around here--it just disappears and I always run out at Thanksgiving.  So I bought it for $10.00.  A good run through the dishwasher and it is as good as new and now resides in the china cabinet awaiting the next family get together.
And I bought a small box of silver plate flatware for $5.00 that had 4 serving pieces, 4 forks, 4 salad forks, 12 teaspoons, a butter knife, a sugar spoon, a pickle fork and a few other pieces that went from this...
to this with a little silver polish.......
the patina is very pretty...these pieces too now reside in the silver drawer of my china cabinet...I've decided that I will continue to buy random pieces of silver plate...for you know when I entertain here in rural MS...
Oh and I really didn't mean to have a theme...but I bought these two gorgeous coffee table cookbooks.  And the recipes are wonderful as well......I wonder if I could sale 'em on eBay.........
Oh and I bought a cool old trunk too, but it's still in the trunk of my car....all and all it was a great day.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Meet The Newest Members Of Our Family

David and I had been thinking about a new puppy for awhile now.
We contacted CiCi and GinGin's breeder Loretta and long story short we went to Birmingham and picked up a brother and sister.
That is Fontana Eastwood McCaulla on the left and Ann-Margaret McCaulla on the right-asleep in my arms.
I love this shot of the back of their heads.....Fontana's ears are big....I'm sure that he will grow to them.
Avery holding Ann-Margaret on the way home.
I love this picture of Avery giving them kisses.  Avery, Loretta and I understand that they are more than just puppies...they are real.
CiCi and GinGin have adapted pretty well to having a little competition for attention.  We make sure that all are given attention and love.  Our friends think we are  crazy because we now have 4 dogs in the house.  But we have 4 times the love and puppy snuggles.
Oh and D. J.Fontana was Elvis' drummer and of course Ann-Margaret was a girl friend and long time friend of Elvis.  They too will have nicknames....BayBro for Baby Brother and Maggie for Ann-Margaret.