Sunday, May 15, 2011


I have been thinking a lot about water lately. Why you may ask?  Because things rattle around in my head, that's why.
When I was growing up we didn't have running water in our house until I was about 8 or 9.  At that time our little town got "city water."  Mama had our house plumbed for water, she closed in an end of a hall and we had a bathroom.  We also had an outside hydrant so that my uncle could water the garden.  Water was then and has ever since been a luxury for me that I still respect.
It was one of my jobs to draw water from the well.  Which I never did do joyfully I have to admit.  This is a picture of what the bucket looked like.
(This is not our actual bucket, which I have hanging in the garage.) I can still hear the sound it made as I let it down into the well as it hit the sides of  the 12 inch concrete pipe inserted into the ground.  And I can still hear the sound it made as it hit the water and I as I hauled it up with the pulley.  I would pull the release and   the water would flow into an aluminum bucket. Then I would tote that bucket up to the back steps and then up onto the porch.  There was nothing quite like that first drink of cool delicious well water drank  from the aluminum dipper.
Running water meant no more going to the outhouse, no more drawing water, no more bathing in a #3 galvanized tub outside in the summer and in a smaller version inside in the winter.  No more aluminum buckets and dippers, no more boiling water outside to wash clothes.......or inside to bathe.
That summer that we got "city water," we had a month of free water, we were encouraged to run the water as much as possible to flush out the pipes, and boy did we!  I had a ball playing in the water outside, making rainbows, playing in the was great.
Even today I still relish and appreciate every single tub bath or shower, every load of clothes washed in the washing machine, and every load of dishes washed in the dishwasher.
There have been times when we were without water and all I could think about was water...I need to use the bathroom, I need to brush my teeth, I need to wash dishes, I need to wash clothes,  I need water to cook...I need water!  David can tell you that I almost drove him crazy...we finally got our water back, but we didn't have hot water...I was near the breaking point and I went to a motel....
I love the beach, I love looking out at the water in the gulf and listening to the waves,  we live on a lake and I'm constantly looking out at the water, we don't have a swimming pool-but I want one. 
This past weekend we went to Louisiana and crossed the mighty Mississippi at Natchez.
The above picture is a floating casino river boat that is now closed because of flooding.
This is the Red River, also in Louisiana, and it too is over flowing its banks.
Water.......see what I mean?  Things rattle around in my head.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Puppy (Dog) Therapy

This therapy is good for anything that ails you...insomnia, anxiety, name it. 
First of all gather your dogs, I have four...which as far as I'm concerned is the ideal number, however utilize how many ever you have.
The ideal weight of the dogs is from 2 to 10 pounds, which again is the weight of my dogs.
Make yourself comfortable in your bed, lie on your back with your head up on at least 3 pillows.  Place a neck roll under your neck.  Allow enough room between the top of your head and the head board for one dog.  This is where I place the smallest dog--the 2 pounder.  The closer she is to the top of my head the better I feel, so she is usually sort of draped around the top of my head without actually being on top of it.  This is very therapeutic, especially when she puts her nose close to my ear so that I can hear/feel her breathing.
Next, tuck another dog as close under your right side as you can without smothering them, repeat with another dog on the left side.

Lastly place the largest dog either on your chest with her head tucked under your chin (this works best when anxiety is at the worst) or on your lap.

Pull covers up to your chin.  The best choice for covers is an old soft ugly blanket.
Lastly place each arm on either side of the dogs at your side tucking them securely under your arms.
Now breathe in and out slowly and feel the unconditional love.