Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Now that we have moved I have a little longer drive to work. Maybe 5 minutes.
No big deal except for two things. I have to pull out on the highway and then drive a very short way to the cross over and get into the east bound lane. I have to be very careful because our driveway is under a hill. If you don't stop and really look, you might pull out in front of a car.

But the other thing. I drive past a truck stop and a major intersection of two 4 lane highways twice a day.
Trucks are constantly pulling into/out of the truck stop and onto one of the two four lanes.
And yesterday I realized something.....I'm playing chicken with semi trucks!! I'm in the right lane, they need to merge or pull across to the truck stop, or cross to the other four lane, they plainly see me, but they just ease right on out......and I'm thinking I'll be darned if I let them push me around.......I'm not moving just because they are a big semi truck weighing 50 million tons. No sir, I'm not moving an inch.
And by the way if I'm in the right lane and they are trying to merge, do I have to let them in?
Why are they pulling out in front of me? Just because they can. This is the rant that I was having with myself, when it occurred to me...AngelMc, you dummy, you are playing chicken with a semi truck....you can't win.....they can and will squish you......back off and let them in for goodness sake. What comfort will it be when you are in ICU saying, "yeah he may have run my butt over, but I didn't let him in."

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