Sunday, September 27, 2009

I Played Hooky At The Salvation Army Store

Somehow I deleted this here goes again.
I went to a seminar this past Friday about the H1N1 Flu vaccine. After lunch it was around 60 degrees in the room, I was zoning out and the final part I thought didn't apply to how we were going to distribute the vaccine to our employees. So I sneaked out. (Sorry Jim)
So I headed to the Salvation Army, which is not to far from where the semiar was held. Usually when I am compelled to do something, I just go with the flow...knowing that there is someone I'm supposed to see or something I'm supposed to encounter. It's up to me to figure it out.
The first thing that I noticed was these pair of shoes.

They had chunky heels and were faux crocodile. Hmmm. I looked over the rest of the store and then gravitated back to the wall of shoes, when I noticed these:

And that's when I realized I'm supposed to blog about shoes. Not just shoes but the shoes on that wall that stood about among all the rest of the black nondescript pumps and sandals. You know the Brittanies...the flashy ones....the ones that call your attention. The blue satin pumps above were probably worn with a bridesmaid's dress or maybe to a prom. They remind me of Angelina Jolie...classy with blue eyes.

And these fushia satin pumps, they were probably worn by the same person---always a bridesmaid, never a bride. They remind me of Charlize Theron.

And these icy blue micro suede. They remind me of Grace Kelly.

And this black/white pump...I don't know what happened the other half of her, but she makes me think of Catherine Zeta-Jones.

And these open toed cuties...Julia Roberts maybe?

But finally these flashy funky and possibly trashy numbers. I did not move or touch the others when I snapped them with my cellphone, but these were just to good not to showcase them in all their sparkly glory.

Oh..and they came home with me. They are in the guest bathroom...please don't ask why...'cause I don't's just where they belong.


Vintage Christine said...

Are those sparkly shoes a size 10? Because if they are, I need to have them. OMG they are gorgeous! But since I never get dressed up anymore, I guess they should stay in your bathroom, which is as good a place as any for a pair of sparkly pumps!

Decadent Housewife said...

Queen Latifah! Love, love, LOVE purple!

Keetha said...

Of course they had to come home with you! Couldn't leave them in all their sequined glory there!

Camellia said...

oh oh oh...I love the whole shoe blog. And those purpley sparkly shoes. Oh, yes.

Unknown said...

Oooh I LOVE shoes!!!!! I have not bought a pair of pumps in about 20 years!!!! I confess tho, that i once owned a pair like the Katherine Zeta Jones pair, i wore them w/ a black pencil skirt, and then later they became pretend guns for my kids, hehe My 20 year old recent told me about her memories of running around the house 'shooting' them at her sister, and the best part, they would fight who got that pair, because they fit best in their little hands...

Love your blog!!!!

white o'morn cottage said...

The glittery ones are gorgeous. Just don't be clicking the heels together or goodbye Kansas!

white o'morn cottage Ireland said...

I have to make another comment as I have just noticed the prices in the photo.
Do you know how lucky you are to have goodies at those prices?
In Ireland here (where I am) we have few thrift shops and then the prices would be...

wait for it....
Ladies boots? approx 9 dollars.
Childrens' shoes? approx 5 dollars
Ladies shoes? approx 10 dollars.
A hardback book? approx 7 dollars
Softback book? 4 dollars
A man's shirt? 9 dollars.
Ball of yarn? approx 5 dollars.
oh, I'm on the next plane to the USA!

Kudzu said...

they always have such a variety, and it DOES make you wonder. I saw some baby pink mules, the rest of the shoe was crystal clear acrylic. And dang!!! the shoes here at my thrift store are $5.99 and up....starting with old ugly ones you wouldn't even wear to feed the cows in :D I did buy a sweet pair of Mudd ballet type slippers, seems I showed up at the same time they put out some new Penney's donations, and if I'd had enough cash on me, I'd have bought a few more pairs!
check out making your own designer style collage shoes!;topic=75191.0;search=img;show_complete=true;sort=ID_MSG|desc

happy sunday!