Saturday, November 14, 2009

I Spent Too Much Money At The Auction

Last Satuday I went to the month auction held here.  I saw her the minute I walked in and knew she was coming home with me no matter what.
She needed me and I needed her.  I don't usually collect baby dolls, although I do have all of my childhood baby dolls. But she looked so sweet sitting there, and I knew that she needed me to take her home and clean her up and make her feel better.  When I purused the stock of stuff to be auctioned off, I only gave her a cursory look--you know you have to play the game.  You can't let anybody know that you really want something.  Some people are just mean enough to run your bid up and the drop it on you.  But I didn't care--she was coming home with me.

I didn't pick her up......I was playing it cool. The label that the auctioneer had put on her stated that she was from the 30s or 40s which I think that is probably right.
The auctioneer asked a doll collector what she thought she was worth $300?  She said no and started the bid off at $10.  I immediately got in and ultimately got her for $40.  I walked up to the auctioneer and took her in my arms myself...kinda like adopting a baby or something.  As I looked her overI realized although she smells quite musty and her wig is quite messy, all her clothes, socks, undies and shoes are original. Her coloring, blushing on her check and knees is perfect and her eyes are perfect.

June (the doll collector) came up to me and asked me if I collect and I told her yes--but not usually baby dolls.  I asked her if she thought I had paid too much and she said yes.  She would have not paid more than $10.  And that I would not be able to get the musty smell out of her......I assured her that I would.  There are many websites that explain how to do this...The auctioneer's wife told me they had gotten her in Memphis in an estate sale that included hundreds of dolls. June told me that she had 4000 dolls in her house!!  4000!!  She invited me over--I can't wait to go.
Now as we were talking, out of the corner of my eye I saw the beauty on the right being passed around for bid.  I don't know where she was hiding, but I heard somebody say $40, and I jumped in.  I didn't know if they were starting the bids or if somebody was biding on her.  And she is a Roberta bride doll.  I almost piddled myself.
Most of you know that I collect bride dolls.  So I raised my hand I got her for $40.  June was apalled.  She too is musty.  But she is in pristine condition other than that. Shoes, undies, blushing--all perfect.  Looked her up on ebay and this is about right.  But anyway, I never buy my dolls for value, I buy them because they need me and I need them.
If anybody out there has any tips on how to clean them up a bit--please make a comment.


Annette said...

They are precious andlove the way they look and coloring. I bought a doll today that is in tons worse shape than yours. It needed me, too.

Vintage Christine said...

There used to be a doll hospital in Slidell, LA (Katrina got it, unfortunately). I'll be there's one in Baton Rouge or Jackson, though. And I know you can find lots of assistance online. I'm one of those weird people who doesn't mind the smell of oldness!

Kudzu said...

awwww...such pretty dolls! i don't "collect" them myself, but i have some from when i was a lil kudzu. one thing to try until you find out better ways to fix the smell...
wrap the dolls in some clean white tissue and place in a garbage bag or a box with a tight lid. wad up some sheets of newspaper and place in the bag with it. this is something i use to remove some of the musty smell from old dressers or trunks.(also good for removing bad smells from your fridge or freezer)
the reason i say wrap in white tissue is so you don't get any ink on the doll or clothes.
maybe place a box of baking soda in there,too?
good luck and congratulations on your new babies!

Anonymous said...

i'm going to tell david to dress & make u up like a wedding doll when u go up there .............