Sunday, February 28, 2010

What I Have Been Doing or I'm Back!!!

I finally have my laptop back.  I have been visiting all of you from my iPhone, but it is hard to to type in comments on the small keyboard...I'm always pressing the wrong ones and having to start over.  Anyway I have missed posting and I'm back.
It has been crazy busy at work.  There are 4 RNs that keep kinda keep all the plates spinning, first of course is the Director of Nurses, then the Nurse Managers of the ED and the Medical Unit and then me the CQI/UR/Infection Control Nurse.  The four of us rotate executive call, in other words after hours we put out the little fires and handle call-ins etc.  The DON is on sick leave and the ED Nurse Manager is in Nurse Practitioner school.  That leaves me and the MedU Nurse Manager to put out the fires.  Oh and the administrator rolled the ED Nurse Manager position into the DONs when the DON comes back there will still be just 3 of us rotating call.
Sooo it has been really intense for the last 3 weeks.  This is a picture of my desk.  I quit cleaning it up, I just keep layering things on top of things.

Okay I can't upload any pictures.  I wanted to upload pictures of my office for you to see......but Blogger is mad at me and won't let me.
I'll be back with stuff that is Rattling Around In My Head, maybe with and without pictures...we'll see.  If you have any ideas on how to fix my problem, let me know.

 Okay, checked back and was able to upload this image.  Please note the schedule for 2 weeks is the yellow paper.  All that white out and scribbling is mine.  I am in love with the white out thingy that is in the lower right hand corner.  I get all giddy when I get to use it.  Just above that is a purse mirror that a staffing agency brought by along with some more goodies.   You will note the generic Naprosyn and Pepcid.  A must have when you have carpal tunnel and an aching shoulder.  And of course the lipstick stained coffee cup.  I must have at least two large cups in the morning before my brain really works.  Rubber bands, paper clips, stapler, but no tape...lost the dispenser over a year ago and never replaced it.  Several note pads.  Wound care products and skin preps for starting IVs.  That wood box used to hold an O2 saturation monitor in the ED.  I pick up discharded things....
This a vintage bedside table that I bought at an auction and on top of it lives a collection of McDonald's Happy Meal toys from the Wizard of Oz and one little chipmunk.  Oh and Snow White was won out of one of those pick up machines by a co-worker's child.  The sign behind them was posted on a door in surgery.  I always meant to put in in one of the bathrooms at home...

 And this is a shelf laden with my work--that's my work or last 5 years on the bottom two shelves. Reports, indicators, minutes, policies and procedures blah blah blah.
On the top and first shelf is my stuff.  My nurse dolls, my cap (nobody even gets one anymore) that I never liked to wear, various glass syringes, an old fetascope that we used to listen to fetal heart tones before the days of dopplers, old books and bottles and etc.
Yes my office is just like me, messy and multi-layered. Sigh.


Annette said...

Glad to see you back. Take care of yourself!

DollZandThingZ said...

What an interesting office! I was smiling when I saw the dolls mixed in there.

Sounds like you have been really busy at work and will be for quite a while.

Have missed your posts but happy that you have stopped by my blog from time to time. I am with you on the tiny letters. I love the iPhone but I can barely see anything on it!

Have a good day!

Vintage Christine said...

The only time my office at work didn't look like that was when I had to share it with my anal retentive neat-freak boss; otherwise, that's exactly what it looked like. And I knew where everything was, ta da! Missed you and glad you're back.

Keetha said...

Glad you're back! Whew. Work sounds busy. My goodness.

I loved the look around your office. I like the things you have there that make it your own.

DUTA said...

Having such a responsible kind of work, it's good that you have your own little office where you can be you, the person, not the nurse - and surround yourself with familiar and necessary stuff.

Have a relaxed week!