Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Conversation With The Puppies

CiCi and GinGin:  Mama we need to talk to you a  minute.
Me:  Okay.  Whatsup?
It's about Avery.
Well it's just that, well you know we love her.
Well, we know that she loves us.
She loves us more than our other 6 nieces and nephews do.
Get to the point. She more than loves you--she adores you.
It's just that....
You mean it's just that she's squirmy, never still, talks incessantly, asks millions of questions and does not know the meaning of the word no?
Uhhh yes...and she wears us out.  We have to hide under the bed to get some rest.
What's your point?  Be glad you can get under the bed.


DollZandThingZ said...

Too funny!

Annette said...

Avery sounds like my kinda kid!

Kudzu said...

lol, just like my grandson...my puppies cosmo and wanda squeeze under the couch to get away sometimes...wanda has learned to just go limp,too, because she's the favorite target and not always quick enough!

Camellia said...

Why not the bath? Why not puppies in the bath?